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"Request" button along side "Purchase" button

StinkyStinky Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 24 Delightful Duckling D

The Current Situation:

When one tries to upgrade upgrade something but does not have the necessary resources a window pops up displaying the resources lacking, and a button labeled with the amount of gold necessary to purchase the required resources.

The Proposed Improvement

In this window add another button labeled "Request" that would automatically post a request to ones friends and alliance for the missing resources.

Why This is a Good Idea

Aside from the obvious time savings that will result in an enhanced user experience, and being able to request the exact amounts you need without having to write it down....

Players will grow accustomed to pressing a button to get the resources they need. After a while they begin to regard the "Request" button as the free but incredibly slow solution and the "Purchase" button as the instant gratification button. The first step is to get them in the habit of clicking their way to happiness. This should result in more gold purchases.


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