Commanders, we’ve noticed certain players taking undue advantage of the ‘Change Mission’ option in the globe battles, as well as the use of scripting/botting to level up their Omega Units. We have taken the decisions to allow for a fixed number of free ‘change mission’ actions, and to limit the Omega XP gained. These actions are to strengthen fairer competition within the player community without impacting genuine players. Visit the E&A DevSpeak #11 to read more.

War Factory Component limit - Must change

DEMONFIREDEMONFIRE Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 20 Delightful Duckling D

The limit of components that we can earn per day through quick matches needs to be removed. Right now, we can earn about 15 pieces per day. War jumpers are easily making over 150 pieces per day through multiple wars material loot. It's going to lead to a huge imbalance in the game, and force everyday players to war jump just to keep up.


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