Commanders, we’ve noticed certain players taking undue advantage of the ‘Change Mission’ option in the globe battles, as well as the use of scripting/botting to level up their Omega Units. We have taken the decisions to allow for a fixed number of free ‘change mission’ actions, and to limit the Omega XP gained. These actions are to strengthen fairer competition within the player community without impacting genuine players. Visit the E&A DevSpeak #11 to read more.

Event: Bulletproof Byway FAQ

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Q: How do I participate in the event?
Craft Shields in the War Factory. Defense Shields for HQ level 7-16 and Assault Shields for HQ level 17 upwards count towards event progress.

Q: How do I collect my rewards?
You will find your rewards in your gift box.

Q: How long does the event run?
The event runs for 5 days.

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