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Bring back the old E&A

modrixmodrix Posts: 5Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
Yeah, I know that in this industry is all about money and the new E&A is
doing great, but think of the huge communities that existed around E&A,
Cityville, Farmville etc. I personally played only E&A from 2011 to april
2013 and I was so attached to that game, today I still remember going into
exchange sites to get items required on special missions, the first time I
beat wave 40 on normal survival mode, winning a 580 hp elite bomber (not
sure what model), or when I somehow got 5 tier 8 helicopters (only 2
remained). Guys, that game was legendary and there is still people out
there complaining about why you shut down that game. It was because of
hackers and financial issues, right? I'm sure that now the new E&A is
getting you a lot of money, and I don't think that it would be too hard to
bring back the classics, but now on mobile. That game disappeared too
quickly. I played on my mum's account but I don't care if I would need to
start again, WE just want the old E&A back, without the need to remove the
new one, it would be like cutting the branch that you stand on. But now let's be serious. One thing I loved about the old E&A was the combat style, you can't find modern-based games on mobile with turn strategy (except for World At War, which is still not turn-based), this new E&A is like a modern CoC but with more stuff and rewards. Already played CoC, got bored.


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