War Factory ver. 2.0 FAQ

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Q: What’s new in the War Factory?
There will be major changes in the War Factory: Visual difference between Power-up types, New Power-Ups, and a Redefined War Factory interface!

Q: Which parts of the War Factory are going to be rebalanced?
Power-ups will be re-balanced towards lower component requirements and shorter active time.

Q: What does difference between Power-up types mean?
From now on, all War Factory Power-ups will be divided into 2 categories: Offensive and Defensive. Offensive Power-ups will be highlighted in Red, while Defensive Power-ups will be highlighted in Blue.

Q: Will the War Factory Crafting UI be affected?
Yes. The War Factory’s “Request” button will be moved next to the components count on the top left, and an Offense(Red)/ Defense(Blue) Power-up drop down list will take its place. Also, there will be 2 new improvements: Categories tab and Power-ups deck.

Q: Are there going to be any other changes in the War Factory Screen?
Yes, aside from the Power-up drop down list, we are also changing how Power Cards look like. From now, Power cards will include:

  • Power-up name
  • Red/Blue Badge to determine its Power-up type
  • Boost Duration
  • Crafted Quantity

Q: What are the new Shield Power-ups?
The new Shield Power-ups are called the Isolation Shell (Defensive) and Satellite Cloaking (Assault).

Q: What do these Shield Power-ups do?
The Defensive Isolation Shell and Assault-oriented Satellite Cloaking both protects your resources and medals from attacks. The only difference is that an Isolation Shell’s effect will be cancelled once a player retaliates or attacks another base in PvP or PvE.

Satellite Cloaking shields, on the other hand, can still attack or retaliate, both PvP and PvE maps, but is significantly costly and lasts shorter than an Isolation Shell.

Q: Will my base still appear as a target to other players if I use a Base Shield Power-up?
Yes, other players can still scout your base. If players attack your base, you will not lose any resources. Also, your deployed units and structures will not sustain any damage when Base Shield Power-up is active.

Q: Are these shields applicable to War Bases during Alliance Wars?
No, these Shields are not applicable to, and will not carry over to War Bases in Alliance Wars.

Q: Can I earn these Base Shield Power-ups aside from crafting?
Yes, Base Shield Power-ups can also be won as event rewards and Elite Caches.

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