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Event: Omega Upgrade: Viper

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Q: How do I participate in the event?
Deploy your Omega unit: Viper in the Battles or use Insta XP to collect Viper XP.
Reach Viper level 10 within the event duration to unlock amazing rewards.
Reach the Viper level 10 faster by using your Viper for Base Defense as well.

Q: Will I get discount on Omega Insta-XP boost ?
Yes. Only during the event, enjoy 50% discount on Omega Insta-XP boost.

Q: My Viper is already above level 10, will I miss out on the rewards?
We got you covered, Commander! Just login to the game and your rewards will automatically reach your gift-box during the course of the event.

Q: How do I collect my rewards?
You will find the rewards in your gift box when The Viper reaches level 10.

Q: How long does the event run?
The event runs for 7 days.

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