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Something Strange with Viper

DROID_xo1DROID_xo1 Posts: 8Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

When I repaired viper there was an error code 2704 and my game crashed. After relaunching the game it showed my viper was dead even though I was not attacked as it only took about a minute or so to relaunch the game. Does someone having the same problem?


  • Aloha BunnyAloha Bunny Super Moderator Posts: 1,094Super Moderator Moderator

    Sorry to hear it, @DROID_xo1. I appreciate your report and this will be relayed to the team. In the meantime, please try these troubleshooting steps for Android or iOS that may fix it. If you're playing through Facebook Gameroom, delete the platform, then download the latest version. Otherwise, you can contact Support to get further assistance.

  • frhtrsmfrhtrsm Posts: 50Registered User, Facebook Connect User This Space is Available

    I had something like this: My giant sculpture died in my war.By the way, the assault came.The war report did not come out after the attack.I also lifted the giant statue.Then I started the game again because the report did not come.The giant statue is dead.It died on her own.My resources went to waste.

  • frhtrsmfrhtrsm Posts: 50Registered User, Facebook Connect User This Space is Available

    And sometimes I find the giant sculpture dead when I enter the game.But there is no new attack on the battle log.I do not understand how he is dying.I do not think i have a mistake.Because it happened more than once.

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