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HQ Level upgrade 25 & 26 - FAQ

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Q: How do I make sure that I am ready to upgrade my HQ to Level 25 & 26?
Make sure that you have upgraded your Stockpile Buildings so that the resource cap for Supplies, Steel, and Tech is greater than the HQ upgrade cost.

Q: What are the Resources required to upgrade to HQ Level 25 & 26:
Supply, Steel, and Tech.

Q: What's new at HQ Levels 25 & 26, and why should I upgrade?
Upgrading to HQ Levels 25 & 26 allows you to build more defence structures, as well as see new visuals for your Guard Tower (HQ Level 25), and the Alpha Tower, Wall, Supply Stockpile, Steel Stockpile, Tech Stockpile, and the War Factory! (HQ Level 26)

Also, upgrading to HQ Level 26 unlocks a new building!

New Building: Special Tarmac
The Special Tarmac can be built from the War Factory, and comes with instant Troops Training, as well as, applied Alpha Offensive Units buff on Troops trained in it.

Q: How many unit slots does the Special Tarmac have?
The Special Tarmac has 18 slots in it.

Q: Can I upgrade my Special Tarmac to get more Unit slots?
No, the Special Tarmac cannot be upgraded.

Q: Does the Special Tarmac expire, just like any other Building from the War Factory?
Yes, the Special Tarmac has a life time equal to x hours.

Q: Does the Special Tarmac look like a normal Tarmac?
Although having the same dimensions as a normal Tarmac, the Special Tarmac has a different model and color to emphasize its uniqueness.

Q: Does the Special Tarmac require time to produce Troops?
No, Troops inside the Special Tarmac instantly becomes available.

Q: Can I use my Special Tarmac Units in Defensive mode?
No, Special Tarmac Units are only used in the Offensive.

Q: Does re-arming affect the Special Tarmac?
Yes, it does.

Q: Can I apply Strike Force on the Special Tarmac?
No, Strike Force cannot be applied on the Special Tarmac.

New Feature: HQ Gun
The HQ Gun is unlocked after upgrading to HQ Level 25. The HQ Gun automatically fires at approaching enemies, and it can attack both air and land units.

Q: Can I upgrade my HQ Gun?
Yes, the HQ Gun is upgraded along with the HQ. Upgrading your HQ to Level 26 increases your Gun’s damage.

New Feature: Territory Expansion
The Territory Expansion allows you to get 2 additional stripes of empty space. (Stripe width is equivalent to 3 cells, with lengths equal to one side of the base perimeter)

Q: When can I unlock my Territory Expansion?
The first Territory Expansion stripe will be rewarded after upgrading to HQ Level 25, while the 2nd strip can be unlocked using War Factory Components.

Q: Will Expanding Territories take up an Engineer?
Yes, one Engineer will be used when expanding Territories.

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