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Leagues - FAQ

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Q: What are Leagues?
Leagues are trophy based timed competitions which offer rewards for players who dominate.

Q: How do I participate in Leagues?
Medals... Get out there and earn medals. Once you hit 100 medals you'll be entered in Leagues. Your Medal count when the season starts will dictate what bracket you land in. Each season you will land in a bracket where you compete against other players of similar medal count.

Q: How long are seasons?
There will be a countdown available for each season, you can see the remaining countdown any time.

Q: How often are seasons?
Approximately every week, this could change.

Q: How do brackets work?
Placement in brackets is completely random. Currently they are set to max of 50, this will change in time. You will be competing against only the players in your bracket for prizes until the season ends.

Q: How do I earn rewards in Leagues?
After each season ends, prizes are awarded to players who are placed at the top of their bracket. They are delivered as gifts & you need to open them!

Q: Why are leagues so hard? I'm being matched up with players much higher HQ than I!
We base PVP matching off medal count. You're only going to be matched up with people that are of a similar medal count than you. If you begin fighting your way up the leaderboard, you will begin to face harder opponents. We encourage and highly suggest to keep equal attention to your defense and base upgrades. If quick match/retaliations are getting too hard, go over to the world map and continue to fight the GRA and ear resources. Remember, now you can use troop sharing to level the playing field! Above all, remember, there's always next season to catch up!

Q: What’s changed in League Rewards?
At the end of a League season, apart from the reward you win based on your rank, you also receive rewards meant for all the lower rank(s) you beat. The table below illustrates the new structure:

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