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FAQ: Call to Arms

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Note: Call to Arms should be accessible to all players now. Thank you for your patience, Commanders!

What is Call to Arms all about?
- The Call to Arms update introduces Daily Missions to Empires & Allies. You will receive a Mission every day with two objectives. Complete these objectives within the given time and earn Amazing rewards! To access the Mission, click on the Call to Arms icon on the bottom-left side of your screen to access the Call to Arms interface.

To know more about Call to Arms, do check out our video guide.

Q: How long does a Daily Mission stay active for?
A: You will receive a Daily Mission every day at 00:00 hours Pacific Time (GMT +X). Complete the objectives within 24 hours to claim the Reward Crate.

Q: Is Call to Arms available to all players?
A: Call to Arms is available to all players who have upgraded their Headquarters to HQ 5 and above. However, newer players would be able to see Call to Arms only after they finish the ‘Introductory Base Missions’ that are available to them.

Q: What happens if I cannot finish the Daily Mission before it expires?
A: If you are unable to complete the Daily Mission within the 24 hours’ window, the Mission will expire and you will receive a new Mission. You can then attempt the new Mission and complete it in order to earn the Reward Crate.

Q: What do I get from completing Daily Missions?
A: Rewards GALORE! Completing each Daily Mission earns you a Reward Crate which contains amazing loot such as resources, War Factory components, power-ups and Boosts. There are three types of Reward Crates and the type of Crate granted by a Mission depends on the difficulty of the Mission. In addition to the Reward Crate, you can also earn Gold rewards by completing the Weekly Challenge.

Q: What is the Weekly Challenge?
A: In addition to completing Daily Missions, you can also take on the Call to Arms Weekly Challenge. Complete any three or five Daily Missions in a week to earn amazing bonus rewards. Complete ALL seven Daily Missions in a week to earn the ultimate prize!

Q: When does the Weekly Challenge refresh?
A: The Weekly Challenge refreshes every Monday at 00:00 hours Pacific Time (GMT +X), so you have a chance to take on the Challenge every week and keep earning MORE and MORE REWARDS!

Q: What happens if I complete a Daily Mission but do not collect the Rewards from the Crate before the Timer expires? Will it disappear?
A: No, you can always claim the Rewards from the Crate prior after the timer expires. However, you will not be able to start a new Daily Mission until you claim the Rewards from previous Daily Missions.

Q: What happens to the Weekly Challenge Rewards if I don’t collect them before the weekly reset? Will I lose them entirely?
A: No, you can claim the Weekly Challenge rewards after the weekly reset, but the next Weekly Challenge and new Daily Mission will not be available until you claim the Rewards for the previous week.



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