Lost war because of hq's blocked by trees. This game is terrible now.

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Was frustrating to lose because multiple bases had trees completely surrounding them. Played this game since it started and this is the worst its ever been. Collosus and the tree force fields ruined the game. Yeah use Drones blah blah blah. Why even have multiple forms of attacks if only one weapon works in the game now? This is now exclusively for players that want to use Drones and I am not one of them so it excludes me. No more gold purchases from this player until ground troops are equal to air attacks again or just gonna quit playing if they dont figure this out. Should not have a giant robot that only attacks ground troops and tree forcefields in a war game. You people have completely ruined the game for ground troop players. 0 gold for either of my accounts on this version of this game. I'll find another game before I use Drones so this game blows imo.


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    Dude, this is a strategy game, and every base can be won, with the right strategy! When you scout a base and you see the HQ surrounded by trees, what you have to do is changing your troops. Use Apaches or Drone instead of strikers or rangers. Apaches and Drones can fly over the trees, approaching the enemy HQ and shoot it down.

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    Must of the time rangers can walk between trees I use rangers and lgl in those cases
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    Sounds like Dude really just wants Zynga to hand out the same base to each person & the people that play the most & use alphas to snag the most medals win. God forbid people use what is provided to them & use it to their tactical advantage. This topic pops up every once in a while & makes me smile. This is a war game that involves strategy. Your upset because someone else's strategy was more in depth then yours & your unwilling/incapable of adapting a new attack strategy to take out a base in war & be the hero. Take a step back & learn to adapt to new situations. Outwit your opponent & you will find this game to be extremely fulfilling for you & your alliance.
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    Drop your Colossus in the circle close to the end of the battle. If there are no landing zones try destroying a defensive structure to make one. There..

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