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Event: Crafting Craze!

OzzyOzzy Community Manager Posts: 219 mod
edited March 17 in Announcements & Updates

Event Name: Crafting Craze!

Q: What is this event about?
A: Earn an amazing Gold reward by crafting boosts and buildings from the War Factory. We have also reduced the crafting costs for certain boosts and buildings for the course of the event.

Q: Do I need to craft any specific item, building or boost for this event?
A: No! You can craft anything from the War Factory to count towards event progress. So go ahead and start Crafting!

Q: How do I claim my rewards?
A: The event has multiple milestone rewards that you unlock as you keep crafting. Complete the final milestone to avail your Gold rewards. Unlocked rewards will appear in your Gift Box.

Q: How long does the event run for?
A: The event runs for a period of 5 days.

Q: Why are my Event milestones different from my alliance member’s/friends’ Event milestones?
A: The Event uses player strength among many variables to create the right milestones for an individual player, so it’s possible that you will have different Event milestones than other players.

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