Event: The Omega Ascension

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Q: How do I participate in the event?
A: Deploy your Omega unit in the Battles and earn Colossus XP to participate in the event. Moreover, you can also earn more Steel from your battle wins while the event is running. Colossus XP earned from base defense doesn't count towards the event progress.

Q: My Colossus is already at level 15 and I can’t earn Colossus XP anymore, will I miss out on the rewards ?
A: We got you covered Commander! Just login to the game and your rewards will automatically reach your gift-box during the course of the event.

Q: How do I collect my rewards?
A: You will find the rewards in your gift box each time you hit an Event Progress milestone. You can access the Event progress by tapping the Progress button on the event page.

Q: How long does the event run?
A: The event runs for a week.

Q: Why are my Event milestones different from my alliance member’s/friends’ Event milestones?
A: The Event uses player strength among many variables to create the right milestones for an individual player so it’s possible that you will have a different Event milestones than other players. However, worry not Commander, the rewards are also matched accordingly.

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