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E&A DevSpeak #6: More Changes to Alliance War

Commander DariusCommander Darius Super ModeratorSuper Moderator Posts: 2,159 Moderator


We’ve been watching all the feedback around the Alliance War changes that we released a few weeks ago.

We understand that for a lot of players participating and attacking in multiple Wars was a way to play with a larger set of players than the current systems allowed. So, based on the feedback, we’re making a couple of tweaks to ensure that players who do actively participate in a War earn loot from it:

Going forward, you will receive Alliance War loot, if you earn at least 1 Flag from an Alliance war and are a part of the same Alliance when that war ends. The player will earn loot even if he/she earns the Flag(s), leaves an Alliance and then joins back the same Alliance before the War ends.

With this fix, Our intention is that active participants in multiple Alliance Wars can still earn the loot while Looters who just jump across Alliances without engaging in Alliance Wars are not benefitted from doing so.

Players who stay in an Alliance over the entire duration of a War will continue to receive Loot regardless of whether they earned any Flags or not.

Please do let us know what you think of this change. Thank you for playing Empires & Allies.

Over and Out,
Team E&A.



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