Empires & Allies on Facebook Gameroom - FAQ

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Q: What is Facebook Gameroom?
A: Facebook Gameroom is a Facebook client which allows you to download and play Empires & Allies on your Windows computer.

Q: Is Facebook Gameroom available on Mac computer as well?
A: No. Facebook Games Gameroom is available only on Windows platform.

Q: How do I download Facebook Gameroom?
A: Facebook Gameroom can be downloaded here: https://www.facebook.com/gameroom/

Q: How do I play Empires & Allies on Facebook Gameroom?
A: After installing Facebook Gameroom, search for ‘Empires & Allies’ using the search bar on the top left corner of the Facebook Gameroom. Select Empires & Allies click on ‘Play Now’.

Q: Should I be logged in to Facebook every time I have to access Empires & Allies on Facebook Gameroom?
A: Yes, you will need to have a Facebook account to login to Facebook Gameroom and play Empires & Allies. You cannot play on Facebook Gameroom without a Facebook account.

Q: Can I access my existing Empires & Allies account from iOS/Android (including progress, base, HQ level, player name, etc.) on Facebook Gameroom?
A: Yes, provided you have connected your Facebook account to your game on mobile device, and log into Facebook Gameroom with the same account. To connect your Facebook account to Empires & Allies on a mobile device, simply tap on Settings on your iOS/Android device, and under the section ‘Facebook’, tap on Connect.

Q: Can I sign into a different Facebook account through the game on Facebook Gameroom?
A: No, You cannot sign in to a different Facebook account through the game. You will have to logout of Facebook Gameroom and login back with the Facebook account you wish to play the game with.

Q: How do I zoom in or out within Empires & Allies on Facebook Gameroom?
A: We have added some controls to match the experience that you have while playing Empires & Allies on an iOS/Android device:

Zoom In: Mouse Scroll Wheel UP
Zoom Out: Mouse Scroll Wheel DOWN

Q: Will my game experience be any different from playing Empires & Allies on mobile devices?
A: There will be no change in your game experience on Facebook Gameroom compared to your iOS/Android devices.

Q: I’ve been seeing a blank screen when I try to play Empires & Allies on Facebook Gameroom. Help?
A: If you face any issues which prevent you from playing on Facebook Gameroom, update your Facebook Gameroom to the latest version and restart the game.

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