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George LafondGeorge Lafond Loose CannonPosts: 65Registered User Captain Obvious

Just received my daily email, Customer Support States

We are only matching you against an equal medal count, and matches that will challenge you. We will not change the format of the game.

I asked for the way it was two weeks ago, HQ vs HQ to make it fair.
I asked for the hold back algorithm be removed from war factory.
i asked for 20 HQ vs 20 HQ so that low level players will stop being nuked.

Basically return the game play to four weeks ago. Why did Zynga do this? To make fun of the non circle of Zynga? To allow a few select people advance. 4 weeks ago, I was in two alliances both filled to 50. One was in the top 300, the other was active but smaller accounts. Now both are less than 40. Players quit. Sad day Zynga Sad day.


  • dmarr50dmarr50 Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I am trying to purchase gold for empires and allies and when I click on purchase it just freezes up the credit card window and will not allow me to even put my credit card # in. The screen just freezes and the cc window just keeps disappearing and re appearing.

  • EDVEDV Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    Preciso de ajuda ,para resolver é este .: no facebook nao consigou acionar os tres jogadores somente dois são ativos

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