Jumps to end of my drawing when watching my opponent guess my drawing

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I enjoy watching my opponent begin to guess my word. I like to see if they figure it out right away or if it takes the entire drawing to get it. After the most recent update, it jumps to the end immediately. PLEASE CHANGE THIS BACK. You can always use a skip button for those that don't want to watch their own drawing.
Thank you.


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    edited March 15

    I agree with this, that's why I came to the forums. I like seeing how quickly my partners guess what I'm drawing, and now I can't!

    This seems to be iOS specific (happens on my iPad), as when I signed in on my Android phone (Android 6.0.1) it behaved as expected, showing my drawing progress and my partner's guessing progress. However, I much prefer drawing on the iPad than on a phone!

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