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How do I play the new Events challenge?

pjayapaulpjayapaul Posts: 1Registered User, Super Moderator mod
edited October 2016 in Game Guides

Hey, Artists! Try the exciting new “Events Challenge” by Draw Something!

  • Every fortnight we have an all new themed “Event” that surfaces in your Draw Something app, along with a brand new icon
  • The event will last for seven days, and you can use this period to complete the challenges to win a reward.
  • You will be rewarded up to 10 bombs upon completion of the “Event” challenge, both, on Draw & Guess mode, and Guess Something mode.

Take the Drawing challenge:

  • Find an exclusive themed category on your word selection screen, upon starting a game
  • Draw 15 words from this “Event” category to claim your reward

Take the Guess Something Challenge:

  • Complete the gold, silver and bronze levels from the Guess something mode
  • To get through bronze and silver levels, guess 20 drawings each
  • To get the final gold level, guess 25 drawings and claim the ultimate reward.

Have fun with the latest content update and follow us on social media for news, features, competitions and much more!
- Facebook:
- Twitter: @WeDrawSomething



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