Call me stupid but...

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I feel like I am hardly "getting it". I found one person that plays pretty steady with me & I "get" the she does hers then I do mine part.

There is the "Guess Something" that sometimes lets me do it & sometimes won't. The reminder says - next challenges starts in "XX" hours - when I click on it sometimes it lets me guess & sometimes it just fetch's the leaderboard. There is nothing in all these guides & forums that tell me how it works (what it expects from me or what I should expect from it).

Then there is the badges - do you add them in the background or next to the one you are drawing from the list? I don't see where I've ever been given the opportunity to draw them separately. It does give me the opportunity to select from another set of lists but that's not the same thing. My partner has sent me the regular one & another one, presumably from the badge selections.

I don't even know if I am explaining it right but somebody needs to clarify or publish a "Draw Something for Dummies".

PS: I am on my desktop now but draw on my Kindle Fire.

Linda F.


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    Hi Where are you from
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    "Guess Something" I believe uses images curated by the developers, and you just have to guess all the images in the challenge. Once you've completed the challenge it will just show the leaderboard, though sometimes there's a "bonus round".

    I'm not sure what badges you're referring to; if you know how to take a screenshot on your device, maybe post a screenshot of what you're asking about?

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