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FAQ - Weekly Challenge

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Hello Artists,

Q: What is the New Weekly Challenge?
A: Weekly Challenge is a new feature in Draw Something which allows you to
- Guess drawings of players from all around the world - drawings of regular players are selected for the challenge to be guessed by millions of players around the world.
- Race against your Friends and against Time in leaderboards - see who is leading & nudge those who have not started playing.
- Not able to guess a drawing? Share it on Facebook to seek help from friends or use bombs to guess faster.
- Earn coins and bombs as you progress.
- Share your progress to Facebook constantly and challenge your friends.
- Think you have the skills to draw for us? Submit your drawing at the end of a regular turn and stand a chance to be featured in the next Weekly Challenge.

Q: How do I enter Weekly Challenge?
A: The new Weekly Challenge, when available, will be displayed in Draw Something’s home page, right above "Your Turn!". You can tap on the tab to gain access to the challenge itself, track your progress from the Scoreboard at the top of the screen or compare your score with your friends in the leaderboard at the bottom of the screen. You will need to have only certain minimum number of games in your turn menu before you can access each Challenge.

Q: How is the Winner determined?
A: Weekly challenge runs for a week from a specific start date and you can compete with your friends to Top the Leaderboard! Whoever completes guessing all the drawings in the challenge in the shortest time, will be declared the winner.

You can choose to take the challenge any day before the challenge expires. Once you have completed the challenge, you can view the time left for the next challenge to begin from the Home Page, track who finished next in the challenge through the Leaderboard, Nudge some of your slower friends who have not yet begun on the challenge or even click the users from the Leaderboard to challenge them for the normal turn play. There’s also an option to track leaderboard progress over a month’s time by tapping the icon to the top left of the Leaderboard screen.

Q: How do I attempt a Milestone?
A: Milestones grant Bombs as rewards and can be different for each week, they can be noticed as small gift icons over the progress bar indicating the number of drawings you have guessed in a particular week. You will not receive bombs if you are playing on a older version of the app.

Q: What are bonus drawings?
A: Once a player has completed the weekly challenge by guessing the 75 drawings, players would get access to bonus drawings (around 25). The player can continue to earn coins by guessing all of them. No bombs would be awarded for guessing the bonus drawings

Enjoy your weekly challenge!
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