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    December 12
  • lindasue
    I have the same 20 point rule in my coop, I don't know why everyone is going nuts over it after all Zynga (if you do the math) expects 40 from each member and with a 60 point cap if half your members get under 20 it is impossible to reach the goal set by them.I have all but quit playing the last few months as it is a neverending battle trying to get a few players that actually play the game and the events although never changing and boring ask for or require way to many hard to get items to finish.
    December 3
    • paulas
      So true. They all want it but want someone else to do the work. You are welcome to join my coop. Always looking for good people. I am not afraid to cut those not pulling their weight. The way I see it you don't need a coop if you are not going to play. The events are getting harder it is just zynga wanting more key purchases. If you wish to join us the name of the coop is Mom's Bolthole. It would be nice to play with someone who agrees with me for a change. Lol. I have it locked right now but will watch for you. I have been in some of these coops that disagreed with my statement. They don't share nor do they chat. I am not sure what they think a coop is. I come from the farmbelt all coops have rules.
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    December 1