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  • zowie1976

    maries new order board got me to sell 2 apple pies then to upgrade farm clicked upgrade game crashed and now it wants me to sell 2 apple pies again when I only have one so cannot progress any further, this is ongoing for last few days....... not happy :/ :/ :/

    October 6
  • Linatessa
    I am stuck on the new Maries board. She is telling me to sell apple pies but I cant. I can't aces my game ID.
    October 5
  • Krisztina
    Hello mhaki,
    I need your help. I have a member im my co-op, who filled a lot of orders on Marie's order board, but his number shows 29. He filled a lot more as 29. He is very desapponted :( It also happened with an other member before. She filled a lot of orsers but the number was 0. Please help. What is wrong? Thank u.
    October 5
  • Gerelie

    hi mhaki,
    please help meeeeee...
    i was on level 50, but then i had to uninstal the game..i install the game immediately & i played until level 4, but when i want to connect to facebook or google play, it said that i have to download the latest game content but the game is already updated. I uninstall & installed it so many times. how can i restore my old farm? my co-op has 74 notif, but i cant open the tab and everything.. please help me, i hope u r still active. :'( :'( :'(

    September 2
  • dallas1473
    Can't seem to send screen shot through any means. Can't load it here. Can't send through help button in game. Can't reply to an email already sent. Was told just to send it but won't allow me to. And of course no way to send it here. WTF, is this Zynga way of not dealing with problems in the game. Been complaining about this since the start of the year. Always some excuse as to why it's my fault. Now we don't get gg from pigs or from pond while using Walter there. How many more excuses is Zynga going to come up with. This is B.S. and why I have started to cheat by switching times. If I have to cheat to compete then that's what I will do until Zynga decides to take multiple complaints seriously.
    August 24