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    December 2018
  • Jenkey
    I have a question about this reindeer event, that maybe you could answer, before I resort to asking a moderator that may or may not answer.
    The guide is very vague as to how many times you will be able to ring the bell to complete crops and work stations, which will exclude places like the mine, mill etc since those are not a crafting station. basically this bell will do the same thing as speed seed and gloves. The one thing however it does not say is will it automatically finish and ready to harvest “all” crops not ready or will you have to choose one to finish and same for the crafting stations?
    They make it sound like you can harvest every crop and finish all crafting at every station in just 1 ring of the bell. And they failed to mention how many times per day you can do this. I’m a realist, so I find it impossible to believe that this bell will do everything at once as many times as you want per day. Any assistance or knowledge you have on clearer understanding is appreciated. :)
    December 2018
      Hi, I think we can ring the bell as many times as we want. The bell comes with 5 charges (1 charge = 1ring). We can earn more charges by collecting more toys, the mini game will switch to an endless mode once we collect the bell..
    • Jenkey
      Thank you!
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    December 2018