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  • Yes. If one uses a guest name it only shows that, but for those who don't use it and login with fb have their full names shown. I could suggest all in ours to use the guest name, but there would still be all the other players out there that have the…
  • Here. Bottom left corner of the screen.
    in Quest book Comment by M1P4 October 2018
  • Many in my coop are experiencing the same. Suddenly midweek of the race they are kicked out of boat race and get that banner saying race is coming soon or whatever that was.
  • @Harshadh Just a thought. Was your porch already full when you tired to store the tree? If it was, that's why doing that failed. Checka and try to make more room in it. Retrieving items that are stored are not costing you money, so if the only thing…
  • @RoyS Have you checked the barn if you still actually do receive quartz. The game graphics have been poorly designed - they don't have enough slots to show all items one can get or will get. There are not enough slots programmed for that. Thus the …
  • Bumping up this thread, since the problem still is not completely fixed. On the screen where we can check what other people are working on, still shows full names. Could this please be fixed asap. It can cause a lot of problems in terms of privacy a…
  • Glad it helped. The button is hidden for everyone now because it has been replaced by the pet hotel button.
    in Lighthouse Comment by M1P4 August 2018
  • Do you mean you can't cast new nets, because none are floating there anymore and the button is missing? If so, clicking the boat by the lighthouse will let you get to the screen where you can cast nets. Sorry if I misunderstood the question.
    in Lighthouse Comment by M1P4 August 2018
  • If you craft items that currently aren't any of the for on offers shown at the hotel, they won't appear there as orders just because you crafted them. Try crafting only what actually has an order there already. Also be careful to make the correct it…
  • Mine was 40 000 for some time. Then it jumped to 45 000...
  • My goal jumped from 40 000 to 45 000.
  • Same here. Same with others too eg. device makes no difference. Had to reload after each normal task and after first bonus task it's completely stuck. And they did fix the problem of full names being shown at the coop stats screen, but full names…
  • You have to retrieve it from the store and place it on your farm. It was in the last or second last tab of the store, can't remember which one. It gives you 2 blackberries every 5 minutes. It won't stay there for the entire week, it can only be used…
  • Plus the endless bugs, and leaderboards turning into cheaterboards because of the hackers to which nothing has been done about. I agree, might be or might not be a glitch. Might or might not be that there simply aren't enough people playing anymore,…
  • Shovels also are one way Zynga makes money. Many have enough of everything else and shovels are always dragging behind, so many use keys to buy them. So likely they won't change that. Imo it was a big improvement in terms of an effort to boost custo…
    in Shovels Comment by M1P4 August 2018
  • Play the tutorial. At the end, you should be able to connect to fb or whatever login you used to use. It should happen at level 5 or 8 if I remember correctly. Coudn't find the info on which one it is. Maybe someone else can add that info in. That (…
  • There was a thread about it, but I couldn't find it just this minute. I still get double items from the animals too if I activate the boost before I send in the helpers. It seems that some do and some don't =(
  • @chickadee75 The list of rewards doesn't always have enough slots to show all possible rewards especially during events. If you do anyway get the quartz after the workers finish, it's "normal" eg. is what occasionally happens because the max amount …
  • @Jenkey Some items like wind chimes require a player to be at a high enough level until he/she can buy them. Yes, it's blocked. If that's a new small coop of only a few players who all have just recently started their farms, that can easily happen.
  • The game will buy it eventually. I don't know the exact time how long it has to sit there, but it's something between 12-24 hours I'd say.
  • @hawk Im glad to hear you managed to finally fill it. Did you have to directly contact support to get it fixed exlusively for your farm, or was it fixed for everyone because of the posts about it here? I have the same task and now dont know if I sho…
  • I agree, but just thought to add, that one has to be at a high enough game level to be able to buy anything with sand dollars. One also has to have filled enough mariner orders to get certain pins. Theres a meter there at the mariner screen that sho…
  • From what I understand, that is the way it is supposed to work. The waiting time likely is there because Zynga wants impatient people to spend keys (and therefore spend money too sooner or later to buy more keys). Having it open, tough with a waitin…