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    February 20
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    February 20
  • jr444

    Hello, I don't know if you could help me with this problem I'm having. I recently updated the game, and I tried to play but it seems to crash every time I get to my farm. I only get to see the bare fields and then it crashes. I tried force stopping the app, restarting my phone but nothing works. I spent countless hours on this game and Ive achieve so much that I don't want to lose it. Please help.

    February 19
  • anastasssia

    Hello.i have problem with the event.i play farmville counry escape and i have problem with event.i open the event today and iam at a team with cheaters.the first five seats have billions points.please change me tam.or doing somehing.my player id is 70868450657

    February 9
  • GoJo

    Hello, I'm so upset by this issue I registered so I can send the moderators this information. The event prize is simply not attainable as there are particular players who have millions of points in all the top positions within an hour of the event starting. My player ID is 37453054098 if you wish to see the leaderboard live and also have a screenshot of it taken a few minutes ago.

    February 7
  • SimplyMichelle
    Hi. I haven't been able to play this game for months. Keeps crashing when trying to connect. I've tried all troubleshooting steps and nothing works. Player ID is 39381814573. My phone and game are both up to date
    February 5