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  • TLK
    It did not work. I can't find my game anywhere at all. I have tried numerous way to retreave my game I lost. I was on level 44 and I don't want to start over and I won't.
    March 23
  • Svetulay

    Рi! Please tell me is it possible to link the game to another Facebook page?

    March 14
    • Svetulay
      Sorry, Hi !!!!!!
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      Hi Svetlana! As of the moment, it's only one account per game. If you'd like to have it connected to a different account, please contact Support ( for further assistance. Thank you!
  • ChriS1912

    I clicked on the hor stein cow to collect the prizes and the game got stuck, screen frozen and cannot do anything. Please help!!!!

    March 14
  • Knows Wheat earned the 500 Comments badge.
    Settled in, saw the sights, learned the territory, and most importantly: gave back.
    March 1
  • Jeanne_Sing

    Hello. I hope you can help me as I see you pm'd another user with the same problem. Nothing I click on works in the game any more. Especially frustrating as I recently purchased 1,000 keys and won the Manx in the fishing contest. I went to claim the cat and my game stopped working. I can see everything on the screen, and it looks normal, but nothing I click on works except the lightning bolt. I can't even access settings to email Zynga support. I have reinstalled and tried playing on different devices, but no go. Thank you for any help.

    February 27
    • LooneyToons1
      I'm experiencing the exact same issue
  • Fatin
    I already followed the troubleshooting steps given by you but it's still not working.I still cannot buy anything eventhough the items are for sold but when I click spinning sun for long time then items are sold out.this happened after update the latest version.feeling frustrated because I cannot buy anything.also problems when I want to enter the coop chat,market@global.spinning time is too long.please solve my problem's already more than a month
    February 14
  • DMWilson1

    Not sure if you are getting my message but I would really like to take advantage of the Value Pack sale. What else can I do to receive the same offer as others since mine apparently does not work?

    February 14
  • Kisa
    Plz i want my farm back
    February 8
  • Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.
    February 2
  • haroldapel

    I have been on farm ville for a long time and lost it would like to get it back

    January 31