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  • athirahkudus
    Hi! Could you please help me with my boat race. It was fine till the last 3 days. It's say "boat race has already begun,new race is next week" and then I've got, "you need to be on co-op member to start a race"-which I'm already in one. And then it's says "your boat race will start tomorrow".. And i have one more issue, I've tried to send 10 waters to my farm, but it's says that i have not completed it and can't retrieve my keys
    August 14
  • Kalel

    Hello please help me to edit or chage my profile pic.thank you

    July 12
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      PM sent! :)
    • sereen
      I lose my farm it sereen name back to level one plz help its connect to Facebook but can’t found
  • Dilyana
    Hello,please check this player Christel. I play country fair and this player Chritel made a 200 000 points at 10 minutes please not let hackers here!!!
    August 1
  • Knows Wheat changed their profile picture.
    July 31
  • Sheng
    I really need youre help I can't harvest my tool shed and merryweather mine. Everytime I tap those two it always appear that it takes 163 days to harvest, it is too frustrating because it is my first time to encounter this kind of issue. I dont know what to do now... Pls help me for this, I miss my farm so much but i can't enjoy playing right now
    July 21
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      Sent you a reply, Sheng. Please check your Forums Inbox for it. Thanks!
  • Rodrigosoong

    hi i need your help so badly how can i retrieve my newly purchased keys that was suddenly missing i purchase them today july 18, 2018 by using my credit balance from my mobile my player ID is 39242932900 my facebook is Rodrigo Daranda Soong email rodrigosoong@gmail.com thank you and God bless!

    July 18
  • Rodrigosoong

    need your help: how can i retrieve my newly purchase keys that was suddenly missing

    July 18
  • nataliapires
    A minha fazenda voltou ao nível 1 pois estava no nível 93 mas eu não sei o meu ID porque instalei e desinstalei várias vezes ,muito triste não ter a minha fazenda de volta.
    July 6
  • Knows Wheat changed their profile picture.
    July 8
  • cmfb907
    Help I am stuck on Grandmas Glade... I saw you helped others and I would like to figure this out as well please.
    Player ID: 74145314969

    Thank you
    July 4
  • octotab
    Hi There,
    My farmville country escape player ID is 73033482845. A few days ago, I was roaming around another farm and fertilized it's trees, crops, animals etc. When I came back to home, everything in my farm was a mess like dog house, cow, crop silo even tend animals were doubled and placed here and there. Also my land that I have bought and cleared previously was full of junk. I don't know why or how this could be happen. I want to get back to my old farm of 2 weeks ago. Please help me with this and remove my extra crop silo, tend animals, cows, junks and dog house. Also remove those thing which can't be gained through game exactly from 1 week past. Thank you ...
    July 1
  • jem
    Is there any personal limit of fulfilling marie's order board for each player in our coop? The thing is even after completing 5-10 orders our goal points won't move up it's stuck most of the time. Not even after completing other players order.
    June 21
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      Thanks for brining this up, @jem. The weekly point cap for each member is 60. If it's stuck on a certain point even though everyone else is working on the orders, it's best to get in touch with our Support team for further assistance. You may follow the steps on this article http://zynga.my/FV2CEContact on how to submit a ticket.
  • rickyadams777
    Hi I raised an issue 3 weeks ago about getting stuck and it has still not been fixed is there any progress with this
    June 24
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      Hi Ricky! Apologies for the late reply. Can you send me a Private Message of your Player ID? Please load the game and you should be able to see it on the loading screen. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!
  • Offt
    Not getting any response
    Stick at grandma's glade
    Not sure why this can't be fixed by a patch after 1st reports more than 2yrs ago
    July 2