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Knows Wheat
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  • terryc

    I am hoping you can help me. I have been frozen in Country Escape sine the end of Easter event. I have,tried the forced close, u install/reinstall, nothing works. I did earn the bog and his bunny ears - I hope not to loose them. When I claim my reward the game froze. I will certainly appreciate some help. Thank you.

    April 24
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    April 24
  • Drh2

    I still haven't gotten the pigs. I have waited for days to see if they showed up. I have force restarted and rebooted multiple times per day. I work in IT...it shouldn't take this long to roll out a new feature...something is wrong...please assist.

    April 19
  • VictoriaC
    I am having an issue with my prize pigs. I have 2 of them and I only see them on my farm road when I have tapped on The Decoration Station or another crafting station near the road. When I close those the pigs disappear. And that doesn't even happen all the time. Please help.
    April 18
    • VictoriaC
      Just to clarify I am talking about my show pigs that I have finished feeding and are supposed to be "wandering" my farm.
  • bjem1994

    What a joke. Spoke to you two weeks ago and my issues haven't been resolved. No refund on things spent. Game still frozen. No help. Very unhappy!!!

    April 13
  • AlbaNM2003

    Thank you my farm unfroze. I really appreciate the help

    April 5
    • GeorgineG
      Hi. Would appreciate if you can share what you did to unfroze your farm? Thanks...Angiee
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      Hi @GeorgineG. This issue has been fixed. Be sure to have the latest update on your app to be able to play again. Thanks!
  • GeorgineG

    HI Knows Wheat.

    This is Angiee and am writing for the same issue as others having their screen froze after collecting the peacock. It says in the forum its been resolved, and discussion is already closed.

    Did the force-stop and went online to fix it but my screen is still frozen and couldnt do a single thing.

    Would it be possible for you or anybody from ZYNGA to send me a step to step instructions, so i wont miss any single thing.

    THanks and best regards.


    April 10
  • r6_lion

    My game is frozen after claiming the elf. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. My game loads fully but does not allow navigation.

    April 5
    • GeorgineG
      Its the same thing with me. Would it be possible for ZYNGA to send us the detailed instructions so we wont miss any single steps?...Thanks
  • icyblufrz88

    Tried doing the the time setting thing. Does not work. That is the only recommendation every zynga suppor member keeps saying but it does not work. Please fix the game. Thanks

    April 5
  • scarymary22

    Any chance of a response regarding how to play the game after getting the Emerald Peacock? Please make the solution available for EVERYONE to see rather than sending a PM to just a select few!

    April 5
  • Macelynsnanny
    I too have tried all the fixes, and still completely Frozen. I tried the last fix suggesting the setting the time and force closing the game. That didn't work either. It seems like I am not alone and this problem I hope it will be fixed soon. I have had the problem since the 30th
    April 5
  • Somwipha

    Hi! i have a screen freeze problem. can't seem to figure out how to fix the problem. I have tried everything i could. really need help!

    April 4
  • AnnaS

    My game has been frozen since March 30th. I can't get a response from Zynga and they even deleted one on my comments on another thread. Your solution about the clocks doesn't apply. My clock has been set to real time this whole time. I have tried force closing, restarting my iPad, uninstalling the game, none of it works. PLEASE help and don't delete my post. Next step will be a better business bureau report. This company doesn't seem to care about their poorly ran system at all.

    April 4
  • AnnTrisel

    Need help, my game has an unresponsive screen ever since I accepted the peacock as a temporary farmhand. I have tried to contact Zynga many different ways and am not getting any help. PLEASE help. The basic troubleshooting that you offer does NOT help. Thanks again.

    April 1
    • huskyluva
      I've been frozen out of my game since 31-03-17 , it happened when I accepted the peacock , my game just won't do anything , I too have contacted Zynga but still no help has been given or issue solved . Feeling very frustrated !!
  • RachM


    My game has frozen since i tried to claim the peacock on level 55. My game id is 72005690818


    April 1
  • hopel0996

    Help, game stuck at content update?

    March 28
  • bjem1994

    The game keeps freezing and going back to expanding to 'Grandmas Glade' over it.. Have lost progress 3 times now and can do nothing on my screen....

    March 28
  • TLK
    It did not work. I can't find my game anywhere at all. I have tried numerous way to retreave my game I lost. I was on level 44 and I don't want to start over and I won't.
    March 23
  • Svetulay

    Рi! Please tell me is it possible to link the game to another Facebook page?

    March 14
    • Svetulay
      Sorry, Hi !!!!!!
    • Knows Wheat
      Knows Wheat
      Hi Svetlana! As of the moment, it's only one account per game. If you'd like to have it connected to a different account, please contact Support (http://zynga.my/FV2CEContact) for further assistance. Thank you!
  • ChriS1912

    I clicked on the hor stein cow to collect the prizes and the game got stuck, screen frozen and cannot do anything. Please help!!!!

    March 14
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    March 1
  • Jeanne_Sing

    Hello. I hope you can help me as I see you pm'd another user with the same problem. Nothing I click on works in the game any more. Especially frustrating as I recently purchased 1,000 keys and won the Manx in the fishing contest. I went to claim the cat and my game stopped working. I can see everything on the screen, and it looks normal, but nothing I click on works except the lightning bolt. I can't even access settings to email Zynga support. I have reinstalled and tried playing on different devices, but no go. Thank you for any help.

    February 27
    • LooneyToons1
      I'm experiencing the exact same issue