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    June 14
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  • trt0423

    Do you have any idea why every member of my coop was given access to the show pig feature except for me? I know it is in BETA but it is advertised as a COOP and WORK TOGETHER thing yet I have not been able to participate since they started in early April. Zynga won't respond to any of my questions. Any ideas?

    May 3
    • Irraya
      Apparently they haven't given the feature to everyone yet. 'They're still rolling it out'. I'm sorry but I don't know what else to tell you. But here's the thing, you get a pig or few, raise it for 3 days by continuously feeding it, and then receive a minimal amount of keys and gloves. I've stopped them for a while now as they wiped out my large stash of Quartz.

      Also, it's not a co-op thing. You can raise the pig in your own, or partner with 1 other person.

      All you can do is be patient. I've received so many features months after they were introduced, like the blue treasure chest and Marie's board. This is a permanent feature, and you'll have a lot of time to enjoy it, as well as get tired of it when you do get it.

      Unfortunately zynga is unfair in a lot of things. It tempts people, and doesn't release features at the same time for everyone. It doesn't have a level playing field for everyone, e.g. charging different amounts to different people.
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