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  • speech76

    Why can't I purchase keys?

    December 12
  • Titine

    Hello,I hope you can help? The farmville Waterfield on android has started and when the creek moves on to nick knack he disappeared in the back of is truck.and there is nothing I can do .cause I can't see the icons of the farm.I tried doing the back button on my tablet but it says it's diabled at this time

    December 7
  • Jenkey
    Morning! I have a question about the bell, the guide is not clear as to how many rings per day will this bell give us and will it automatically finish and harvest everything being crafted or will we have to pick and choose an item for it to finish crafting or harvest?
    Thanks I appreciate any information you may have to clarify.
    December 5
  • mommylove93

    I'm having trouble getting my country fair to work. It just says trying to connect. It's been a while since I last played but idk why it's doing this. How can I fix it?

    November 25
    • birdman
      Try re-installing it of that doest help reset your wifi.
  • Miki11
    Map of frozen forest is frozen.Every tile is searched but new map is not coming.It happend two days ago and still no answer why is this happening.
    December 2
  • BrigitteK

    Pourquoi je ne recois aucune pelle à neige lorsque je fais des commandes pour le renne de noel? En effet je joue pour zéro pelles et du coup je n'avance pas! Que faire?

    November 30
  • Rilyn
    Hi, can you please let me know how to report cheating? The boat race has become very unfair with the large amount of points that are being earned in a relatively short amount of time.

    Thank You
    November 14
  • LezTFS

    My Global Board just loaded, is the bug fixed? I'll hardly dare shut the game down tonight, incase it doesn't work tomorrow ...

    I don't know if it's anything to do with the work being done on the programming, but - I didn't receive my last farmhand, this has happened in the past along with missing harvested items. Harvested items such as Quartz usually re appear on a reboot but, I'm now worried about rebooting just incase the return of the Global Board will be affected haha

    If Global Market is fixed, thank you.

    Lesley M Wade - Player ID 37869693508

    November 3
  • umaangel00

    Fix the game. It’s been almost 4 days!!!!!!!

    November 2
    • LezTFS
      We're on day 5 now ...
  • LezTFS

    Can you give us an update on when we are going to be able access the Global 'Buy Goods' board please? It's affecting most of my co-op, making us behind in everything. Boat Race and Country Fair, are impossible to get anywhere. Even Marie's Board is a struggle to complete without being able access what the Global Market is selling.
    It's been almost 5 days now and the vast majority of my co-op have stopped playing, as they are all so despondent with our results.

    November 3
    • LezTFS
      Lesley M Wade - Player ID 37869693508
  • Valkyrie

    ID72766550915 same technical problems as everyone game frozen animal's are movingbut cant move screen or tap 😟

    October 31
  • PatriziaFra
    Il gioco è bloccato da questa mattina. Lo schermo è bloccato, non mi fa muovere niente, non mi fa raccogliere, Eddy va e viene e io non posso fare nulla, é partita la nuova gara nautica, é in scadenza la missione del faro. Non so più cosa fare!
    Il mio ID giocatore é 38770511573
    October 30
  • sizzlebacon
    Hello today I updated country escape and afterwards I cannot collect anything on my farm, everything loads, but no matter what I try to tap on , it will not collect nor move nor enlarge or minimize. Please help my I’d number is 74061531054.
    October 30
  • Lanier007
    My ID 38045809548
    Just started the Parade of the Dead event... and I got place with someone on the leader board with 200815 points!! Crazy.... top 5 is out if control and how can someone 200% boost???
    I have played from the beginning like you... but this isn't fun
    October 20
    • LouiseG
      I agree! I have heaps of people on 200% boost in my group too....not fair 😪
  • robbos21

    Well I been play this game since day one and had over 20 coops my slef which left to others, been member of at least a 100 and now got other going which been use for months now but cant play due to game freezing all time or restarting over and over, so when they going to fix this as been like this since at least march time now and not good as losing lot players and also money of those who pay real cash for stuff....

    October 13