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Want new items in game!

Shihab Hasnain ShahadShihab Hasnain Shahad Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
FarmVille 2 Country Escape

Please do not ignore this post
Day by day Fv2ce players ar leaving fv2ce and start to play clash of clans!
Whats the reason?
And the reason the supercell alaways add extra features in the game thats why the game hasnt become boring
FV2CE players are getting bored and tired with fv2ce!Even sometime I feel stop playing fv2ce but no ...
Zynga should add extra features in fv2ce and than this game will be the most popular game !So what should we do now?We should give them our idea what they should add in the game.The players wants:

1.This lands arent enough for us.We need more lands in fv2ce

2.Want Pet house for each animals.Such as:For chickens chicken house,For Cows Cow house,For goats goad house etc.

3.Want Female and Male Animal both in the game and They would Birth baby animals and we would take care of the baby animal and grow up the baby animal

4.CastleVille is Zynga's game.They add there from day to night scenery.We also want same in fv2ce!In the night time we would keep our animals in their animal house and take care of them

5.Want Extra Barn and Silo Space like Farmville Tropical Escape

6.Want Embarld Pea **** Back

7.Want Toolshed Storage and keep their barn nails,padlocks etc.

8.Want farm party!In this feature we would make party in our farm and send invitations to our fb friend and they will attend party and get gifts

9.Want New plants,New Crops and Recipes!

10.Want More New Decorating Items

11.Want to dressup our farm hands(Human)!There will be a dressup room.We would buy clothes from market and dressup in our way!

12.Want new animals!such as..tortoise,rabbit,pigeon etc.

13.We would like to see each area have its own barn. Maybe if we could purchase barns and place them where we want, and extra tool sheds to go in those areas,too. Yes of course open all the land shown. Axes to chop down trees, and pike axes for rocks ect. So more tools. Options to build more houses weather for neighborhood and animals. Race tracks for horses and dogs


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