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farmville goes to wrong account

dstolz25dstolz25 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

My son wants to play on his tablet. It’s an IOS. He has his own Facebook account and Game Center account. When we download the app, it logs in to my farm. How can we stop this? He has his own unique I’d for apps and Facebook. Ive tried deleting, reinstalling. When I say connect with Facebook, it says the farm is connected to another account. Login with that account. We don’t want to do that. We want a new farm. Please help me.


  • robbos64robbos64 Posts: 75Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    You have to completely logout of game and FBK accounts or it will keep login on your farm, but if both play on different devices as which only one logged in then shouldn't matter as go to one game account only. Make sur you are not logged in to FBK on tablet, and be logged out as well from messenger too as other logins have....

  • dstolz25dstolz25 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I will double check everything, thanks. He has his own FB and messenger. His ID is on his tablet. Mines completely different than his.

  • missyamyammissyamyam Posts: 127Registered User The Pesky Helper
    Hello @dstolz25
    Remove all trace of your FB account on his tablet. Clear caches too. Then, reinstall game. Play through the required level and connect to your son’s FB. Hope it works.
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