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Looking for a Co-op!

ErrigErrig Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

Hey Friends! I just started playing the other day and i am only level 15 but i am looking for a co-op to join! I like to play daily and just have fun! Hope someone can let me join!


  • DigoGamer2DigoGamer2 Posts: 36Registered User Learning the Ropes
    Hi Errig!
    You are welcome to join us at Tractors & Tiaras! Type Tiaras in the search box to find us!..my farm name is DiGofarm...it is a locked farm, but Please send request to join! All I ask is to Help each other, read chat, have fun and Be friendly! See you soon! 😊
  • DburgDburg Posts: 22Registered User Delightful Duckling

    I hope you and your coop are doing well! I’m a leader of a helping group for Farmville. We started this group, because we know how hard it can be to get certain items or get enough of them to complete orders, finish events, etc. We are all super friendly active players. You don’t have to leave your coop or anything like that. Join our page, and you can see how we can help you!!


  • KchaneyKchaney Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
  • WendycalabazaWendycalabaza Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    Hola!!! Soy nueva por aquí. Tengo un problema. Me uni a una coop pero me echaron y ahora no puedo unirme a otra porque me sigue apareciendo como si siguiese formando parte ya de una. Cómo puedo hacer? Gracias!!!
  • Sweet_jazSweet_jaz Posts: 14Registered User Pumpkin

    Hello! Cow Town is looking for recruits! We are a friendly and hardworking coop. The teamwork in my coop astonishes me every day <3 We are a cloning coop, if you don't know how to clone do not worry our patient leaders and members would love to teach you. Youll be a pro in no time! We are all level 50 and up
    Coop rules:
    ~We do not require a pic!
    ~We do not require a facebook account, just make sure you have a screen name set, no friendly farmers.
    ~We do not require daily play! Just make sure you pop in on chat once in awhile so we know youre still playing. Most of our members are daily players but it is not a requirement.
    ~Communication is our #1 rule, we cannot help if we do not know what you need.
    ~We post at lowest price for coop items. When posting global you can past price as high as you want
    ~Last but not least, no stealing. Ask before buying coop items and if you accidentally buy (no worries-it happens to all of us!) just say so in chat and repost.

    To join:
    The easiest way is to add me on facebook and shoot me a message and I can add you directly to coop, here is my link : https://www.facebook.com/jazmine.waldo
    Our coop is called Cow Town, the easiest way to search it yourself it is to type "argree" in the search. It is the word agree with an extra R, our coop will be the first result.
    We look forward to seeing you!

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