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Anyone else fed up with missing out on new features?

FarmerSidFarmerSid Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

In recent months I have missed out on several features. I'm one of those who still don't have water plots. The last animal hotel event never appeared on my farm. Nor did the cafe mogul thing. I do have the jungle event but it's supposed to include a rabbit wheel and I don't have that. Now I gather that a World Oceans Day event has started, but not on my farm.

I have contacted player support on several occasions but just get fobbed off with the 'slow rollout' excuse. Water plots have been on slow rollout for 6 months. It seems there's slow, and there's Zynga. How can you do a slow rollout on events, or parts of events, that are only available for a limited time? Hardly any point getting something halfway through the event.

How many others are missing out on features that others are getting? How many others are fed up with it? How many others think Zynga should give everyone the same experience?


  • FarmerSidFarmerSid Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    PS: I just got a response from Zynga about the lack of the current event. Surprise surprise I got the 'slow rollout' excuse.

  • KayceeeeKayceeee Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I have the same issue with this event and the Reindeer event, I get several different answers, usually soon or slow rollout, once they said they were aware of ipthe issue and working on it,

    They announced the oceans day Even was starting today show can it be a slow rollout?

    I have also had problems with the boat race and still do not have the water plots, pity they can’t get their act together and at least give you a straight answer

    Have you tried deleting and doing a fresh install?

  • FarmVillagerFarmVillager Posts: 51Registered User, User Awaiting Email Confirmation, Super Moderator Moderator

    Apologies for the delay, @FarmerSid, and @Kayceeee. Rest assured that team is doing its best to make these features available to everyone, nonetheless, your feedback is greatly appreciated and will be shared to the team.

  • FarmerSidFarmerSid Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    @Kayceeee Reinstalling isn't likely to help and I really don't want to do that every time there's a new feature I don't have. I agree it would help if they could at least give us straight answers with the date we should expect things. All I get is 'it's being slowly rolled out', 'you'll get it soon', and messages saying the delay is 'temporary'. Water plots have been 'coming soon' since I think November. Something a bit more definitive would help.

    @FarmVillager Glad to hear things are happening, but as I just said it would help to know what sort of timescale is involved.

    PS I do now have the World Oceans event, but still no water plots or rabbit wheel.
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