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Co op discrimination against non-Facebook users

A_JA_J Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
This is a really unfair practice to block and remove anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture/ Facebook account. We are locked out of co ops and labelled as potential thieves just because we have no facility to add a picture. How petty.
iOS 10 removed the Game Center and now us users who play via tablet have no way of adding or personalising our profiles.
I’m level 48 and I play daily. I don’t know how to clone because I can’t stay in a co op long enough to find out and never stolen a thing in my life. I would really like to be a part of a co op as it would make the events easier, so if there’s anyone out there with a sensible co op that doesn’t have a list of requirements a mile long, let me know 😊


  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Posts: 1,433Registered User The Boss

    @A_J the only way to fix this would be for Zynga to make it possible for non Facebook players to add some kind of picture.
    I opened my coop recently and at least 6 new members didn't have pictures. I posted some tin requested by a long standing member & one of the new members bought it. I cant tell who because... no picture . I asked in chat for them to post it back but of course they didn't.
    I find it as frustrating as you do but it's very difficult as there are a lot of selfish players out there who ignore chat until they want something.
    I usually leave it a couple of days and see how people play. If they're all take & no give I kick them out. In the last week I've had about 20 new members, there are 6 left. I of them keeps taking Marie orders but not finishing them. She's got 2 of mine about to run out today even though I gave her half the things for one of them.
    Sorry you think its petty but most of us just want to play so the photo rule makes our lives easier.
    Btw cloning is frowned upon by Zynga as its cheating them so best not to mention it here!

  • Dawn ClackettDawn Clackett Loose Cannon Posts: 10Registered User Pumpkin

    @A_J my co op would be happy to have you as a player. We are "The Champions" and our motto is MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AS A TEAM. You do not need a picture to join our group just simply play when you can. Door is open to co op so feel free to come and join.

  • A_JA_J Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    Well, @Rambling Rose , I made I two days in a co op before getting kicked out. I had a job interview this morning so I didn’t log in until I got home after lunch and guess what? I’m no longer a member of the go op 🙄, so here we go again. I did so much on Marie’s board too, I feel cheated!
    Thank you for your kind offer also Dawn Clackett, if I find your go op I’ll join up 😊
  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Posts: 1,433Registered User The Boss

    @A_J why not start your own coop & run it as you like? Hope your interview went well & you get the job.

  • KittykatKittykat Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Your welcome to join up at my co op. No drama, giving players.
    Helping Hands!

  • Hemmi92Hemmi92 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    edited January 14
    Join it
  • tinkstinks Posts: 279Registered User Gabby Enthusiast
    I understand people get frustrated with the no. Pic.. But a lot of scammer cheated join coops to steal. Where not discrimination. But it's not fair also to long term player to deal with new member who join just to steal. We aren't saying all. Do. But it's hard to pick out who's stealing when you ask who took and no one answers. We can't help if someone happens to join and not on. We have to protect are family farm. Members that have been with us for a long time. Maybe some don't mind having items taken every single time you try to help. But it's gets really frustrating. I know google lets you add a pic in there game center. It's there lame ones but it's still a picture. Google play games. Just my 2 unbias opinion. Best of luck to you
  • hbasham35hbasham35 Posts: 123Registered User The Pesky Helper
    Come join H&M Barn We would love to have you

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