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Please roll back new Care points feature

claudiamarie64claudiamarie64 Loose CannonPosts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon

I can't figure out which category is best for leaving just plain feedback and I want to comment on the new Care system.

I understand that Zynga wants to make its games profitable. Profitable games mean continued improvements and upgrades, and in Farmville: Country Escape's case, outstanding artwork, ideas for events, entertaining animations, and new features. Because of that I buy keys during events I participate in, usually to purchase helpers, and in the past, prize animals and equipment upgrades. I'm not rich, but I figure I can do my small part to support the developers, programmers and artists on a game I enjoy playing.

What I don't appreciate is Zynga taking what has thus far been a free feature of the game, the County Fair, and turning it into a moneymaker. Before implementation of Care points, you could sometimes win the County Fair with hard work (producing a lot of crafts). Now that part of the game is weighed heavily in favor of people who have enough keys to keep buying Care points. It's no longer fair (no pun intended). What I find is that I'm quickly filling up my Crop Silo trying to find Care points, but the problem is the Care points are usually (although not always) found when harvesting crops which take a while to grow. So, what happens is I'm producing way more crafts than harvesting crops with Care points and now people who are probably cheating and have unlimited keys, or simply more money to buy lots of keys, are winning the Fair.

I'm unhappy about it and will no longer participate in the fair. I'm doing enough buying keys when I need them, but the Care points have spoiled the County Fair for me. Please get rid of this "new feature" and make money other ways. Hopefully, other people will feel the same and make their voices heard. Otherwise, I figure this rant will fall on deaf ears.


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