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Game Freezing

robbos21robbos21 Loose CannonPosts: 373Registered User Social Snowflake

This game is now **** and should be deleted permanently as it freezes as soon as start it on Pc/Pc Emulator/Tablet and mobile all the same just not able to move or do anything as waste time have anymore as loads having same issues since last updates as which I had 3 in a month..


  • RgomesRgomes Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Same here. Just recently (October) this new Craft Event, the game loads, then freezes. Tried everything and it only repeats. Game loads, but can't respond to the touch screen. Swiping and tapping doesn't do anything on the game. Dead in the water.

  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Posts: 373Registered User Social Snowflake

    Been like it since march and nothing been done, i can play on Pc but keep restart and lost out on events and helping others upgrade their farms to the max...

  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Posts: 373Registered User Social Snowflake

    Best use windows version if have Cp/windows phone as never resets as I'm using the windows 10 system no problems...

  • robbos21robbos21 Loose Cannon Posts: 373Registered User Social Snowflake

    So this has been going on now since march and still nothing being done about it at all. So if you aren't fixing this thing why bother with the game at all as 1000's have already left the game as got fed up of you not sorting out as should be.
    If I had my way your whole company would be forced to close this down as you are still taking money of people for stuff and the game keeps resetting so you getting it twice as game just on auto payments as it does it over and over again.
    Close this thing down completely or get it fixed as soon as because loads of people have lost a lot game time and also online gaming friends too, as which my coop I'm running we had to wait ages to get newbies in as wouldn't allow any to join, and that is sorted but still keeps freeze and restart and end up losing stuff was doing before........

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