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Nails, Shovels and Locks.

BodadoeBodadoe Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
When will Zynga allow us to buy/sell nails, shovels and locks? Or is there any way to do it?


  • DivyaDivya Posts: 27Registered User Clueless Cookie

    @Bodadoe No we don't have any way to buy/sell nails, shovels or locks from global or coop market. Of course we can trade our ribbons in Prize Tent for nails or locks.

    When your barn is full and you want to get rid of nails, shovels or locks you can always throw them away by clicking x in the right upper corner of the item. x will be visible only when the barn is almost full

  • Mary1kMary1k Posts: 27Registered User Clueless Cookie
    Lol !!! Who owns enough nails to sale I know I don't. Why don't Farmville 2 consider making a freezer or pantry we can use the extra ones to expand them too. Put storage one here like you would a real farm.
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