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Bracket hack

sandsrasandsra Delightful DucklingPosts: 35Registered User Learning the Ropes
To the Farmville 2 developers,
Why do you allow the bracket hack in guest name feature? It creates unfair advantages as well as county fair award issues. Please fix this issue.


  • hawkhawk Posts: 201Registered User Cupcake Princess

    I'd be interested in hearing that answer as well.

  • nan56nan56 Posts: 11Registered User Pumpkin

    Is it really a hack if it's available to ALL players? I agree with M1P4 that the code that supports it is part of the game and you choose to use it or not. shrug

  • carly68carly68 Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon
    You can choose to use it or not. Please stop whining about this and just game. Or not. People that purchase keys will still beat you every time. What next? You’ll be crying for keys to be removed because it’s not fair to you? Good Lord.
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 2018

    Well, thinking about it from another point of view then, how about Zynga then not adding such secret codes into the game without telling everyone about them? On the contrary they say in their rules using their own features to gain advantage over normal gameplay is forbidden and can result in one losing one's farm. Which is insane and absolutely unfair and getting even more so if they now themselves add one more (and a hardcore one) way to gain advantage which no-one can consider "normal gameplay". Hello, Zynga...

    How is that fair on those who don't search the internet for ways to cheat - since, as I said that's the only way to find out about it. Be it a feature or cheat, I better resign from arguing about it, but for reasons stated above, it sure isn't fair because of what I said above and the advantage one gains by using it is huge.

    How is that fair with those who don't use it because they don't want to risk losing their farm because Zynga says we are not allowed to use such ingame features to gain advantage over normal gameplay? How is it fair to those who use keys that they buy with real money for competitions because of what's already stated and have to compete against that? First and foremost I'd like to hear the answer from Zynga, though I know we never will.

    And when it comes to those who use it, you still we be beaten at competitions by those who do hack, use external programs or have a hacked farm. Or can you too reach max possible points in competitions using this latest "feature"? If so, nevermind this argument then. That is what most of the complaints are about or have started from and just have spread to cloning. Are you really sure you want all the complaining about cheating to stop? And btw, I don't do any competitons anymore and most likely never again will, because Zynga seems to let the hardcore cheaters rule them anyway, so I have nothing personal to gain from discussing (or whining if you'd prefer that) about this particular subject. I'm just stating my opinions on what is fair when thinking about all the players. And because I'd like this game to stay alive instead of it transforming to one, where cheaters (and bracket users, if people want to have a distinction made) fight cheaters and most paying customers quit (eg. no money for Zynga --> no more FV to play for anyone). And, as I said above, it is not fair to those who do use real money because of what's stated above, so I am on their side instead of "crying over them".

  • sandsrasandsra Delightful Duckling Posts: 35Registered User Learning the Ropes
    > @carly68 ....
    > Hmm ... To me bracket hack and use of real $$ to buys keys do not equal. Sry for upsetting you with my complaint as you put it. I have chosen not to use the bracket hack. If you want to spend ur $ that way please do, but like another post notes, not worth it anymore, to me, esp in competition events. And esp when other hacks allow thru the back door make it even harder to compete.
  • sandsrasandsra Delightful Duckling Posts: 35Registered User Learning the Ropes
    > @nan56 said:
    Yes it is. I chose not to use. Will make competition events harder to participate in unless willing to spend real $$.
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 2018

    @carly68 As I already said, I resign from fighting over it being a feature or not. And, yes, my character was just good enough to read everything you said. I and others stated our opinions as did you. We are just as entitled to state our opinions as you are. At least we didn't get personal with ours. @Sandsra even apologised if her opinion upset you and your response is to attack us with insults. And no, my feelings are not hurt, so you won't need further comment on me now whining about that. Our opinions differ so much that we'd never get to agree on this however long we'd continue. Unless you so insist and truly think it would lead to anything. I also said, this has nothing to do with me. I don't lose or gain anything no matter what people use. If thinking about what makes the playing field level and fair to everyone which also has a lot to do with how long this game will stay alive without gaining any personal benefit from that means that one is self-centered, unfair, a hypocrite and then some, fine, that's what I am then and will continue to be.

    The only thing I will in depth respond to, is that I have in two other threads already said I am of the opinion that the ones that rule the leaderboards with astronomical points are those who use external programs or hacked farms to get free unlimited everything, including keys, and not cloners, and have said I wished Zynga would start from where it matters eg. those and not normal cloning that even paying customers use. Bracket cloning is somewhere inbetween those two. What you said: "I can promise that you will not see any difference in the county fair" is almost word by word the same that I said in one of the other threads that discussed normal cloning. After that has been dealt with, move further is they so see fit and the rest truly too is forbidden. Doing it the other way around does no good in so may ways. If you had read any other of the other posts here, you'd have seen that. I even referred to that in the last paragraph of the post in this thread.

  • Bar34Bar34 Posts: 303Registered User Unstained Chieftain

    "To say it’s somehow wrong because you “don’t choose to search the internet” is-forgive me- simply obtuse. You’re simply saying that your rules are the rules we should follow. Just because you choose not to search the Internet for ways to make game play faster, then we shouldn’t. I don’t understand your mindset. But I can tell you it’s presumptuous, at best, and rooted in narcissism and arrogance."

    Zynga Terms of Service Community Rules.

    1. Unauthorized Use of or Connection to the Services
      You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:

    Design, use, distribute, or sell cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods, or any unauthorized third-party or other software designed to modify or interfere with the Services or any Zynga game experience.

    Playing according to legal agreements is the polar opposite of narcissism and arrogance.

  • carly68carly68 Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon
    Cloning isn’t any of those things. It came about through Zynga’s programming, or lack thereof, and it has been going on for years. Zynga has been well aware of it, as it is openly discussed on the internet and even here in the Zynga boards in the forum. No external source created this cloning opportunity. It’s impossible to classify this as a “cheat”, due to Zynga’s awareness of-and obvious lack of interest in-it.

    Secondly, M1P4 said the same thing I have been hearing for ages, and that is the “we all have our opinions on this”. You are partially right. Those of you against cloning have opinions. Those of us who prefer it have facts.

    I have proven cloning has no negative impact on the players who do not. It does not give us an edge at the county fair. And with these facts in hand, it’s clear that those of you against it are people who feel they have the right to tell others how to play their own games. And you should be ashamed.

    I didn’t insult any of you. I made the assertion that your views and actions are rooted in narcissism and arrogance. I also said that to say cloning is unfair because one doesn’t choose to use the internet to make gameplay faster, is an obtuse statement. I said nothing about any of you as people; I merely said you were behaving deplorably. I not only stand by that statement, I maintain that all of you are still behaving in a way that validates everything I previously said.

    When you develop the character to finally admit that it is a fact cloners really have no impact on your gameplay, then I will laud and applaud you.

    I wish I could believe that there are people who actually have the ability to admit they were wrong. It’s a terribly hard thing to do. I know this as fact. I will be more than willing to graciously concede-here-in this forum-if someone can prove that my cloning affects you negatively, in that you are not able to compete fairly for benefits offered by Zynga. Do this and I will apologize for my not recognizing it, and retract all I have said.

    It’s that simple.

    Or not.
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 2018

    This discussion was NOT about normal cloning. It was about using the brackets. It has not been around forever. You changed the subject to cover all cloning. You also asked us to read what you write yet you didn't read yourself. I said, in short, Zynga should leave the normal cloning alone and deal with what matters and without room for doubt violates their rules and really matters first.

    Going back to just brackets (which, btw, can be understood as an exploit), which in no way is equal to normal cloning as you claimed in another thread - I tested it to understand it and then played make belief: During a competition only 2 people need to keep the most valuable items up (event items in an event and quartz and such for the fair) all the time and everyone buys them over and over again. No need for any other action. No time wasted. Only once a day they need to be put up again because the game buys them. Yes, one would suffice, but two if those who posted want to use it too. It can be extended to everyone having different items up and whatnot. That equals to unlimited items or ingredients for each member 24/7. This was just one example. You can't be serious and in all honesty say that it doesn't make a huge difference in points they get. By just saying it doesn't mean you have proven anything. Neither have I by giving this example. Saying and proving something is not exactly one and the same.

    If you need a fact when it comes to brackets, how about the fact that now the bracket benefit has been removed. It was there for a relatively short time - maybe it was there for Zynga emplyees to fiddle around with stuff and the information leaked out, who knows. Normal cloning has been there for ages and I've even seen people say it was formally introduced to players in the very beginning. If you want to continue when it comes to normal cloning, as you said, there are and always have been threads for that. That can be continued in those, though I usually don't take part in those discussions, so you will likely not see me there. I've resigned from taking sides on that issue. If I ever have said anything, it has been that it's not fair from Zynga nor can't it be incomewise good to after all this time take it away yet not deal with the real cheats. This thread and my comments were about using brackets eg self cloning, not normal cloning.

    You didn't get personal and you didn't insult anyone? Then we strongly disagree on the definition of that word too. And do "I made the assertion that your views and actions are rooted in", "your mindset. But I can tell you it’s", "When you develop the character to", "you were behaving" etc. really equal "I said nothing about any of you as people"?

  • tinkstinks Posts: 279Registered User Gabby Enthusiast
    edited June 2018
    Everyone up in arms over these things. Cloning and brackets have nothing to do with country fair. I say use them don't. But to cry and cry over people using it.. If it was against rules. Then why did they allow the codes into there game. They had to allow the change. Ie developers. Because the bracket wouldn't haven't disappeared in one day after a new update. Seriously they fixed it fast. Therefore they knew.. But the snowflakes complained.
    County fair cheat those player getting **** load points leaderboard events I used to get so upset. Know after I watched the bracket hack get fixed in a day. That gave no HIGH POINTS. Seem redundant
    Unlimited keys gives the player super super high points. Those ones actually **** me off.
    I have the ability yet lost in country fair. Why because I CHOOSE NOT TO abuse it. Yes it can be done.
    How come no body is upset about chat being broken. No gift from country fair. Like now my order board points lock at 59 wth. Issues with game locking, freezing. Why haven't any of these issues been fixed in a day.. Yet a bracket hack. Can be fixed in a day. What's more important to all of you players. A working function game or a bracket hack?? I hope someone comes up with a new cool hack like the bracket again. My co-op actually benefited from it. And here's the coolest thing. We only used it in our co-op. So who did we effect??
    So go after all the player who have super high points in fair and events. Remove them. And leave the rest of us alone who are playing to play and have fun. Disagree to agree. Real life sucks already why have all of this for a game. Go head call me foolish and stupid. Flag me like another person's on the forum does because I have an opinion. But don't make judgement on someone for just expressing..
  • GraciaGracia Posts: 22Registered User Delightful Duckling
    Cloning does give you an advantage over those who don't use it. It allows you to do more orders for Marie so you get more timber and coins. With this you can upgrade faster. A fully upgraded workstation gives double the points for the county fair. It takes time and effort to craft items during a leaderboard event. Being able to clone any item does not give you an advantage? You will not get past the hackers but you will certainly storm past people who don't use cloning. By being able to fill Eddie's orders faster you get to open more treasure and get more keys. It's nothing but advantage over those who don't. It's wanting the same rewards as someone who puts more time, effort or money into it than you do. I'm not judging anyone for doing it but at least be honest about what you are getting out of it .
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