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Are they stopping the self cloning?

Tammyo1Tammyo1 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

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  • dccdcc Posts: 12Registered User Pumpkin

    i know i can no longer clone I would like to know the answer to this as well

  • VesnaCVesnaC Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon

    I'd like to know if they are trying to stop cloning or just the self cloning?

  • HasiHasi Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
  • Tammyo1Tammyo1 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
  • synbarsynbar Black Sheep of ze Internet Posts: 28Registered User Clueless Cookie

    I'm with Aussiegilz, it's cheating. And if they stop it, the players who play by the rules won't get locked out of things like the county fair & leader board events... Sounds good to me!!

  • Bar34Bar34 Posts: 286Registered User Unstained Chieftain

    Our coop does not clone either. We chat more and more active assisting each other through chat requests.

  • kazzahkazzah Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    hi all ive just logged in today and im not able to buy items even after counting 20 sec it displays "sold" and thats not cloning

  • paulaspaulas Posts: 103Registered User Cloudylicious

    @kazzah that is duplicating no different from cloning. Just a different way of doing it.

  • DeniseWittDeniseWitt Posts: 11Registered User Pumpkin

    Gonna have to learn how to duplicate because I work 10 hours a day and I would not be able to accomplish anything on my farm if I could not clone

  • T_VinyardT_Vinyard Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon
    Cloning definitely spoils you, and once you’ve been introduced to it, ya wanna defend it with all your might. lol Still, the debate goes on.....
  • T_VinyardT_Vinyard Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon
    > @Ilse said:
    > What is self cloning?
    > The ability to clone has always been a feature of this game, if stopped, fun will be gone, and a lot of players will stop playing

    Self cloning is the ability to clone items without the assistance of other players. I’ve dubbed it “The Bracket Hack” because it involves resetting your name with {brackets} which enables you to purchase the same item(s) from either your co-op or global market over and over, amongst other things. There’s far more controversy over this type of cloning than the original form, because it’s actually more like pirating than cloning. You’re taking someone’s sale item again and again while they only gain the price of it once, for one thing. There’s a lot more to it than that, but there it is in my nut shell. I’m pretty sure it’s not condoned by Zynga.
  • Vee666Vee666 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Self cloning involves using a cheat and we do not allow anyone with brackets round their name to join our co op. Cloning, on the other hand, is not cheating; it is utilising what it available to all co op players. Our co op has allowed minimal cloning - not for event items until the last few days to help those who simply do not have the time to spend on events which often require many hours daily playing, and not for cloning items for orders. We have noticed that some players are now unable to clone. I say sort the bracket cheaters and hackers out, leave cloning alone!

  • carly68carly68 Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon
    How is cloning not cheating and self-cloning is? They both end up with the same results. Buying over and over on global is laughable...Maybe for items that never sell anyway like sea salt or peach yogurt but the rest of it is snapped up as you have to exit all the way then come back. So that doesn’t factor into it as a benefit. Whether you clone using three people or just your self with brackets, you’re doing the exact same thing. So please stop with the ridiculous assertion that cloning is perfectly fine but self cloning with brackets is somehow cheating. Because if it’s cheating when you use brackets, then it’s cheating when you clone the traditional way. Cloning is cloning and how you do it is irrelevant. So decide whether cloning is cheating or not and go on about your business. While you’re at it, quit whining about everyone else and just play the game. Or go find another game. Those of us who don’t care are really tired of those of you who think you have the right to tell everyone else how to play
  • PaulaBPaulaB Posts: 17Registered User Muffin
    > @synbar said:
    > I'm with Aussiegilz, it's cheating. And if they stop it, the players who play by the rules won't get locked out of things like the county fair & leader board events... Sounds good to me!!
    Those that have extremely high points and always come first in county fair and leader board events do not obtain those points as a result of cloning, they use hacks to give them unlimited keys, so you and others like you are targeting the wrong people, when cloning comes to an end those hackers will STILL be top of leader board events, they don't need to clone because they have unlimited keys
  • PaulaBPaulaB Posts: 17Registered User Muffin
    > @Aussiegilz said:
    > Cloning is not an option its a cheat ;)

    With all due respect, I hope you keep that in mind when next you buy from the global market because in case you did not know the MAJORITY of crafted items there are as a direct result of CLONING. Hackers have unlimited keys they don't need to clone, I would have to clone all day every day for a week to beat the hackers points. Cloning puts products in Global for others to buy, it also requires a great deal of team work withen Co Ops. There is not one legitimate negative to cloning...there is just the misconception that cloners have an advantage over the precious county fair leader board. I am going to come on this forum after cloning ends and laugh at persons such as yourself who will STILL be complaining about the leader board because guess what? The hackers will still be there and Oh yeah... Global market will have nothing as well so you all will be complaining about
  • ganga1280ganga1280 Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 34Registered User Forum Traveller

    Well done Zynga !!! Don't stop hackers with unlimited resources but stop 'Cloning' which requires a good coop ,players. Cloning doesn't give extremely high country fair points and leaderboard points. How are we suppose to fulfill those ridiculous Marie Board orders,Eddie ,Mariner ?? While you are it ,Might as well remove the 'CoopExclusive' button too if we cant clone or the whole idea of having a 'COOP'!!

  • MechelleMechelle Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    If they take cloning then a lot will stop playing.... it’s crazy

  • Tammyo1Tammyo1 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    I am also looking for new farm games.
  • HelenbHelenb Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Let the cloning start again, if people do t like it then find another game and leave us who enjoy the game with cloning,we will never beat the hackers everyone know that they buy with keys to get more points, us farmers who play for fun has been taken away, get a life if you thing this is cheating ITS ONLY A GAME LET IT BE FUN, AND STOP **** ABOUT IT!!!!

  • joan3675joan3675 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    edited June 2018

    I can’t self clone or login to Facebook. Self cloning is not cheating.

  • Nana777Nana777 Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon

    I have contacted Zynga several times over the last four weeks about the cloning issue. I have a great coop. We are able to help each other do Marie orders and Eddie orders and mariner orders by cloning. It simply means we all buy the same item at the same time. Not cheating but a great tool to help each other. Now I can no longer clone with my fellow coop members. They can buy and I get locked out of buying the same item. It says “sold out”. Thanks Zynga. I used to play this game every evening and all weekend. No fun anymore. I am playing the game a lot less, not investing any more money in it. May go days without playing now. Sorry to see Zynga ruin a really great game!

  • joan3675joan3675 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    To Zynga you need to read all the posts members are putting up about self cloning it’s not cheating it’s helping your fellow coop members out if you take away cloning and self cloning you will lose a lot of players and people won’t support you anymore. Do your job Zynga and let us clone.

  • calfarmscalfarms Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I can no longer self clone. I had only started about a week prior and it had helped me a lot. Coops are very cliqueish and don't allow certain people. They act like it's a real job interview when you try to join. They want you to have no outside life, just the game. If you don't play every day you get booted and have to start all over with your orders, sick of it. I was able to clone from global and get what I need the same way that a coop clones from one item. I still have to use coins to purchase that item, there's just not 3 more people purchasing it with me. If they are getting rid of self cloning, then they should get rid of the ability to clone as a coop. It's not fair that they are able to finish events in a few hours by cloning when the rest of us have to cook everything. And don't even get me started on the people using programs to duplicate items and keys. This game is no fun for the average person because there is so much cheating.

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