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Share with us your Co-Op experiences

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Farming is more fun with friends in an active Co-Op on #FarmVille2CountryEscape
Share with us your Co-Op experiences, challenges, and tips on how to overcome it.

We'd love to hear from you so, comment below. :wink:


  • MsBabeghirlMsBabeghirl Posts: 43Registered User Grasshopper
    Need more active Co op players..
    Search for 7125 Great friends... Thanks
    Most of our players are having personal issues so they are not playing.
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake

    my co-op gone quiet lately not sure if they are on when im not but i hate to let them go n get some new ones that want help out with events n other things. ours just not showing up not sure why. I know 1 she is maxed out on everything guess if they expand barn silo n land she be back on again. i know some delete them from our co-op but most of the time im delete them. Esp we had one player had like full farm all gold extras silos machines all land bought n it was strange that they were level 1 i forgot to send to zynga but i deleted it. besides never on or maybe comes on n buys out co-op things without saying a word.

  • michou2809michou2809 Posts: 11Registered User Pumpkin

    How about you guys help the leaders manage co-op?
    I haven’t received a request for so long, and I think it’s no longer working. People only join when co-op is open, and steal then leave. I call them co-op pirates.

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake
    @michou2809 i am co-leader in my co-op we had new ppl join our co-op i know they r busy but they were on like everyday past month n they disappeared. They r probably frustrated with cheaters n bugs but we had fun knowing them n helping them out. We do save n sell to co-op event things but with 2 co-op spots it hard to sell other things. I do have extras to help out. I just let 5 more go cuz i see them on no chats or even reply when i say hi n cant tell if they r the ones r taking things that saved for the person that ask for it. I want ppl to help out our co-op not just to be on for a bit n leave n not play for long time. Chat even quiet most times n i only see the same 10 ppl on n we have 50 ppl pretty sad. I have more to clean out even some our newbies stop playing i know i used to play 8 hrs a day n now its 4 if im lucky yea i do have a life im a caretaker now n it like 20 hrs a day job but have little free time to play
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 5

    @Gracia I totally agree with you and am constantly fed up with such people. I absolutely hate to open the coop because all I see is such people flood in (and then have to boot them...) It seems that the ratio of getting a normal, decent, polite, and considerate member with common sense, gratefulness of what they get and manners is about 1 in a 100. Has been like that forever, but it seems that it's getting even worse. Manners and taking others into consideration seems to be completely out of fashion nowadays.

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake
    My co-op is strange. Some come on n buying things n disappear. Some do say hi my co-leader n her 2 friends come on once n while. Need to clean out co-op again except them cuz she started the co-op. Yea got the same prob some do say thx n plz have more prob wit plz part. I gp on different times to see any different ppl come on most likely the same 10 ppl out of 46 shows up. I love playing but with all the bugs this game gives me i get tired of playing. I like to more ppl playing n chatting but it happens the first month n they stop playing. U think u cant keep things in barn to long esp when u have 2 co-op spot
  • lindasuelindasue Posts: 70Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet
    I have the same problem with my co op I open they join and clean out market and steal what they can then leave or I end up booting them. Our problem is co op cap on MARIE'S ORDER board, zynga really needs to lift the cap if it weren't for that I would have a good co op but as it is I have to boot players for not getting points on board even if besides that they are good members. Right now we have 14 MEMBERS 7 of them have maxed out at 60 points but still we are 100 plus points from goal because the other 7 only have 7 to 20 orders done.so frustrating.
  • Katz_05Katz_05 Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I’m not a co-op leader, but I love my co-op! We chat, help each other and respect one another. We don’t steal from each other. I guess co-ops like this are rare and maybe I’ve hit the jackpot.

  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 10

    You have @Katz_05. And there are others too. And I have to add, now that I reread my own message, that we have wonderful people in ours too, the problem are those who join, just to clarity lol. Getting one that can be kept is like hitting a jackpot too.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 858Registered User Grand Poohbah
    I have a great coop too, never any drama, everyone is polite and respectful to each other, however lately the same regulars are the ones constantly pushing to make Marie’s goal and our newer members get their 20 for timber time and just stop doing orders, kinda crazy, but that can be an easy fix lol
  • paulaspaulas Posts: 100Registered User Cloudylicious

    Coop leaders have the right to set their own maries order amount. Just put it in your coop rules. I had mine set at 20 and everyone for the most part met their goal. The second week missing it they were deleted. It will not stop the ones coming in and doing 1 and leaving but your other members will honor the rule if they like the coop and want to stay. Most weeks they had met goal by Sunday. If you tell them upfront what is expected they will do it or voice their opinion right off. Either way you both understand. The door swings both ways no one is making them stay. Instead of complaining lead. You are their leader if you do not communicate what you need out of them don't get mad at them for what they do. As for stealing and leaving they can't steal what is not there. Clear your market and orders off before opening the door and tell your players not to put anything up or take anything until rules are communicated to new players. It is your coop lead it. You do not have to be rude or snarky set the rules and stick by them. These are your kids some follow the rules some see how far they can push you. Stand by your rules: you will have a better coop for it. Thank you! This was not directed toward anyone nor meant to offend anyone it is just my observation.
    All I see anymore are complaints. I have been guilty myself. Quit blaming Zynga for absolutely everything and use this blog for which it is intended to help people.

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake

    @paulas that is crazy our co-op dont have that stupid rule cuz most dont play 8 hrs a day they pop on for few hrs they help out where they can come back later to help again but we expect them all to help not make 20 a week we be happy be on n help out. If they haven't played in a while then i delete them. We are equal players in our co-op stealing is wrong we dont like that we do tell them a warning n put it back up. If u put crazy amount for co-op to do on maries order then we just cancel order n look for another also u shouldn't tell co-op not to put things for sell till new members knows the rules that is insane i rather tell newbies the rules when they come on if they dont like it they can leave co-op or u block n delete them. IM GLAD IM NOT IN UR CO-OP CUZ I LEAVE THE MIN U TOLD ME INSANE RULES IT SUPPOSED BE FUN GAME NOT CRAZY RULES TO FOLLOW. OUR RULES IS PLAY FAIR N WE R HAPPY TO HELP U FIND THINGS U R LOOKING FOR IF U STEAL THEN WE TELL THEM IM CO-LEADER N I DONT MAKE 20. FEW DONT PLAY MARIE BOARD WE DONT MIND CUZ THE ONES THAT DO HELPS OUT ONLY WAY I MAKE 60 IF NO ONE PLAYING THAT DAY

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake

    @paulas sorry the members r not ur kids they r players like u if they dont like ur rules have them leave or delete them but i still think ur rules r really crazy 20 a week n have everyone in co-op to clear their selling board so newbies get ur rules might as well ask for their newborn too. I do think that rude to make everyone clear board for u tell newbies rules n they r treated like kids they r not kids shocked ppl r still in ur co-op i might say they act like it but they r adults like u probably how u treat ur kids at home

  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain

    Just a few opinions of mine regarding the last 3 posts. I don't have rules for how many orders people have to fill, but in my opinion 20 is not too much to ask. Everyone in the coop gets the rewards at the end of the week, so it's only fair they do their share too. Different coops also strive for different things, some for most efficiency when it comes to Maries board or achievements, some just want to make friends and chat etc. There are likeminded players for each style of coop. In mine I most of all endorse balancing one's asking and giving. I could as well endorse a rule of min orders filled for reasons stated above - it's only fair. Especially if those players don't help others in other ways either. Just hadn't found a real need to so far.

    We also clear our boards from valuable coop locked items just to save us form getting annoyed by those who coop shop for items. Ours are not for such, they are there to help members in our own coop. People aren't annoyed that we do that, what they are are annoyed about is if people jump in just to grab all that is worth anything. Those who jump in only to shop couldn't care less what we type in the chat when they enter. They're gone before we've finished our typing. We clear the boards to save us from getting aggravated and repost them back later.

    And to be honest, many adults do act like kids and do push their limits to see how far they can get by just mooching around, being incosiderate, impolite etc. Which btw is beyond me. I so often feel puzzled that I have to rant about common sense, manners and what it means to be considerate and cooperative to grown up people. I try a few times (first nice, then firmer, then not so nice), give some chances and if they instructions don't sink in, then those people will be removed. If people behave like spoilt rotten kids, then they have to be treated as such.

    Just my 2 cents worth do defend what @paulas wrote, since imo such harsh criticism was undeserved. If I understood correctly she first and foremost tried to point out, that each coop can endorse rules that they find make their coop work best and encouraged people to do so, and also to give a hint for those who's coop is filled with people who don't participate at all and only mooch around to get weekly rewards.

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake

    This supposed be a fun game not having ur members be treated like kids tell them no stealing n help out when needed. My co-op is good now i like everyone they r helping out when they can. We do ask if it for someone they posted for or read chats n wait a bit to buy. We ask for things if cant find they look in global for it. I dont treat them like my kid cuz they r not. We chat about things n anyone on can join our chats. Ppl do have a life away from fv i know i do n y i cant get timber time if they r on n playing i leave alone if they stop playing long time then i replace them. There r few dont play much like the person that started the co-op n y she gave me the job. I dont see alot off ppl playing so i do clean out. We r here to have fun it a game yea this game gave me lots of bugs last 2 years but im still playing
    Yea on here to complain about it but still took over 6 months to fix it n now it coming back slowly my co-op members r helping out

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 385Registered User Social Snowflake

    I know had one acted like a kid she was cussing ppl so i kicked her out i dont do the clear out the co-op board or i wont have any room i have ppl tell them read b4 buying rule n 20 not alot but i dont even do 11 sometimes i go over a week not doing board. I guess mine coop little more fun relaxing. if they act like kids booted them out. Ive done that dont need them to explain again but it a game that good for her if that works for her group but dont think demanding 20 every week what if they cant play cuz emergency i know couldn't play couple weeks. We do compete n help out others when they r behind on events we do save as much

  • T_VinyardT_Vinyard Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon

    I’m a new leader, is there a guide posted for assistance, or can someone offer basics, such as how to even open the door to new players, etc. By the sound of things tho, I may not be ready to handle all the headaches. Ya’ll are scarin me! lol

  • Joannepr27Joannepr27 Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I love my coop. We’re always pretty active. Lovely helpful people. Very understanding of the fact it’s just a fun game.

  • GraciaGracia Posts: 18Registered User Muffin
    I don't have a lot of crazy rules. Just common sense: read chat b4 buying and be polite. I remove people after six weeks of not playing. It is still a game and not a job. I do think there are a couple of things Zynga could do to make co ops work better. Such as :

    - remove the 60 cap. We have a nice group at the moment. Would love to leave it at that but having to get a 1000 orders in forces us to open the doors every few weeks. Or even raising it to 100 would help.
    - give us a rules and announcement page. Everything we type is snowed under in a minute by chat. Does not work with rules or anything else you want everyone to read.
    - we need to know who is buying to prevent stealing. Half of the people in the group have pics that are not showing. Or only occasionally. If loading pics is an issue maybe it is possible to show names? Or....keep the slots for random items and make it so you can send the item someone needs as a gift instead of posting it. That way it can't be stolen.

    Just dreaming a bit here. Just like dreaming about the return of the bingo event.
  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 858Registered User Grand Poohbah
    @T_Vinyard wow after reading more of these post I can see why some are scaring you lolhaha.......
    You know it’s real simple and it’s your coop, do as you see fit!
    Personally I don’t make a bunch of rules for my coop, all i ask is read chat before taking a coop item. We have actually become friends in our coop and I have members from all over the world, i can honestly say we have never had a harsh word, never drama and everyone is pretty much equally helpful, it just takes time to learn the ropes of the game, but I would never boss, rule or get angry with anyone over a game... (its not my nature, lol)
    I’ve catered to my newbees entering the coop at lower levels, showing them how to advance and they too help others and have fun... so don’t be scared lolhaha
    Happy farming :)
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 17

    Since I think you at least partly referred to at least my post @Jenkey, I do feel I have to defend what I said a bit. This: "by just mooching around, being incosiderate, impolite etc. Which btw is beyond me. I so often feel puzzled that I have to rant about common sense, manners and what it means to be considerate and cooperative to grown up people" and "behave like spoilt rotten kids" refers to exactly such people I say in there.

    I don't rant around just for the heck of it, and, yes, we sure have fun. But if people abuse other members in any way (which would be those who have recently joined), I will step in. If people steal, never help others yet ask for stuff constantly and even get angry if they don't get them, never ever say thank you, etc. (more in @Gracia's post) - whatever happens to happen that is the exact opposite of being considerate, cooperative and polite, I don't just sit there and watch. First time will be as kindly as I can put it and when I said firmer, that would be when the hint is not either taken or understood. Third is when I tell them why they will be removed from the coop if either works. I'm glad if your coop has never had such members join, but ours has, and I do defend my members from feeling abused or neglected, taken advantage of, or getting sad or upset.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 858Registered User Grand Poohbah
    @M1P4 my apologies you felt I was meaning partially of what you said, but my post had nothing to do with what you posted.
    And yes I guess i have been fortunate that I’ve never experienced some of the type of players you and others have experienced, and I do agree with you that this is a game and no one should be behaving in such said manners, especially adults
    again my apologies it was not directed at anything you said :)
    Happy farming
  • M1P4M1P4 This Space Is Available Posts: 310Registered User Unstained Chieftain
    edited June 18

    @Jenkey No need to apologise. Not even if it had :) We all have the right to our opinions. Just that after seeing yours, I felt the need to clarify what I meant. So many seem to complain about "dictatorship" and whatnot when they complain about leaders and I always wonder what they mean by that. So no answer to that yet then. So far I think most them are the ones, who do exactly what I said I don't tolerate in mine and some others said they don't like either. Who knows. If anyone has any views on what people mean with such complaints, I'd be happy to hear.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 858Registered User Grand Poohbah
  • Bar34Bar34 Posts: 262Registered User Gabby Enthusiast

    Our coop rule is pre-buying ask, post buying chat thanks. The purpose of the rule is to assure chat reading. We were having players request items then others buying those items. We requested to post the bought items and no response. As we cannot contact coop members other than chat, posting thanks assures opening chat seeing your name then posting items.

  • calfarmscalfarms Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I cant stand coops. They make you have a picture and a lot of players in other countries don't have them. Children like to play the game but they are not allowed in most coops and are told to connect to facebook which they are not supposed to be doing. Most of the coops I have been in, which is a whole bunch, are led by wardens. People that have absolutely no other existence and want you to do the same. It's a joke. I have no interest in taking this game to that level of dedication. It's purely how I wind down and let my mind go in the evening. Coops are racists, they delete people because of their names, spelling, language, etc. All of them do it, Americans, Indians, etc. It's disturbing to see how people really treat each other.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 858Registered User Grand Poohbah
    @calfarms oh wow, but I will have to disagree with “all coops” are bad because my coop is not like that at all, I’m definitely not a warden and no one on my team is demanding.
    My coop is polite, helpful, friendly and give common courtesy of checking chat before taking a coop item, we chat with one another and have become friends! And yes we have relaxing evenings on our farms with absolutely no drama!
    So it you want to experience what a coop should really be like, look us up and join us!
    Homegrown Farmers (cowboy emblem)
  • Mary1kMary1k Posts: 5Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    > @Gracia said:
    > I'm starting to wonder what it is that people expect from a co-op. I have my own little group and I am struggling to keep it full and active. Most people join up,don't even say hi and start asking for stuff. If they don't get any they leave. The same people who ask for everything are the ones who dump everything on global as soon as they finish a phase in an event. That they might help out someone in the Co-op does not cross their mind . I myself always make a few extra items before finishing a phase and I pick up everything that might be useful for the Co-op on global. And half the people in the co-op don't even communicate. They play but never help out with anything. Why join? I've been playing for years. I've got max level and reached max capacity on my barn recently. I don't need help myself but still I'm dissapointed . The idea of a Co-op is nice but it does not seem to work because of the people.

    ? Well when it comes to my co-op no one chats eighther and I only get speed seed from 3 of them. No one else does. They help me with everything else, just no speed seed.
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