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When will you ever stop the cheats in Country Fair!

BettyPBettyP Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon

Not fair Country Fair!!!!


  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Posts: 1,256Registered User Genius Genie

    I contacted support once. They did absolutely nothing. Pretty much said they can't/won't do anything, other than that they're observing.

  • MysJaneMysJane Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon
    I've contacted support via emails. ...never an answer, just spheil about looking into it and player privacy.
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I’m so tired of cheaters The person isn’t working farm yet she’s /he are out in front by 150,000 points and was 15 minutes into weekly fair..
    Please just observe because those of us who play fairly are getting spanked!

  • amilortamilort Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    This is utter bullshit! Not even 45 minutes in weekly fair, everybody under 2000 points and this **** is already over 31000 points!!!
    I’m leaving this **** game full of useless developers and cheating ****!
  • DivyaDivya Posts: 27Registered User Clueless Cookie

    Getting 31000 in 45 minutes is definitely possible if you have boost. For Example I have 2 Workstations in each category and I can make 3 items at a time. So before the day the fair starts i will keep all my workstations busy.

    Once fair started, I will reap the rewards from my last Country fair. Sometimes I used to get 4x boost as one of the reward. Once I achieve the personal goal in Country Fair, the 4x boost will be upgraded to 8x boost. So now whenever I harvest my workstation I will get 8x of the actual points

    Also the reward from fellow coop members when they win country fair includes fair points at times which will also be 8x.

    So achieving 31000 is not great deal in 45 minutes if we have boosts.

    Not everyone who is getting many points are cheaters.. Probably they are using lot of boosts (or) using keys and real money. Yes few cheaters are there in the game but lets not blame everyone just by their points.

    My sincere apologies if I am rude or hurt you guys unknowingly by my words.

  • Halanna1Halanna1 Cloudylicious Posts: 127Registered User The Pesky Helper
    31k points in 45 mins isn't necessarily a cheater. The other graphic shows 3 days into the fair they have 150k points. With boosts I can get 50k points in 30 mins, 400k in several hours. I don't cheat. The fair leaves tomorrow night I have 580k points and the person in second has 140k. Not all of us are cheaters!

    The ones with that odd number where the top 5 all have the exact same score, those are definitely cheaters.

    I'm sorry your County Fair wasn't fun this week. Some things I do. Use diamond boost. Key items off the machines right away. Waiting doesn't really reduce key cost. Don't rely on biscuits, find a better craft. Haunt Global and buy up all the useful materials before new fair starts. Good luck! I hope this weeks fair is more fun for you.
  • RosRos Posts: 72Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    In the past, I have seen players getting over a million points in a few hours at diamond level. Fortunately, that seems to have stopped. Support did say they would remove these players from their co-op. Support seem to have listened as I haven’t seen this in weeks.

  • RosRos Posts: 72Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    I tend to load up all of my crafting stations so that they will finish just after going to market at the end of the week. When there was a tight battle between myself and another player, I didn’t tap on any finished crafted items until seconds before the market ended to have a last minute surge in points. I have seen players use keys to get really good boosts in the last 24 hours of play.

  • sunset_esunset_e Posts: 53Registered User This Space is Available

    Leader on my fair had 2,8 million points after 2 days!! This heart/ care thing would have been great IF there had not been an option to buy with keyes. As it is, Zynga have just given cheaters with unlimited keyes another way to cheat. And reporting cheaters does nothing, they just stay at the top of everything, no-ones ever been removed. Way to go Zynga!! Just about ready to quit this game... Sorry for any mistakes as english is not my first language...

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