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Coop Theft/Pilfering by anonymous members with no "face"

Trav1230Trav1230 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

This is an ongoing issue in my coop. I have players with no pic or icon in their profile who jump in and take items being posted for other coop members when clearly stating this in coop chat. It is not an accident in most cases, as the individual does not respond to a question in chat. They know they have no picture and can't be identified. Several players have no image, but they are not all pirates and say that they cannot get a picture or icon because they do not connect via Facebook. I am faced with ejecting every player with no image to stop the one or two jerks that ruin the game for others. Why can't Zynga provide a distinctive icon or initials for the image in the "buy" pane when someone makes a purchase? There's no way this is beyond Zynga's ability, and it would avoid a lot of anger among players. (Yes, I have lost coop members specifically because of this behavior. It is NOT uncommon.) Thank you.


  • Bar34Bar34 Posts: 286Registered User Unstained Chieftain

    We started a new coop policy. Ask before buying. Buying without asking must repost in coop slots. A few did not like new coop policy & quit. Funny how the number of non photo thieves has dropped.

  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Posts: 1,256Registered User Genius Genie

    @Trav1230 that is one idea that has been asked many times, and really should be implemented by zynga. Sometimes, people have photos, but simply have an issue connecting to fb (and this is a big issue with the game that many experience). Another thing is that sometimes the game is so slow, that pictures don't load at all.

    They need to have the names/initials in the market as well as on the friendship fertiliser.

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 389Registered User Social Snowflake
    We did have that like to take but they would put it back for the person it goes to. I know the feeling i got yelled at by my leader when i started i didnt know n reposted. It was accident i looked what on sale n not read chats. Now i read chats n ask if person on n say ok or not if person not on i wait a bit b4 buying or even the one that supposed buy i post it
  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 930Registered User On Fire
    @firefighterfan kinda insane to have to wait forever for a response or wait until the person that coop’d an item to be playing.
    In our chat we do things a little simpler, if we put up an item for someone specific its posted in the chat for that person by name, if we are just putting up an item and coop it, we simply post in chat “item up for anyone”, that way no one has to ask if they can have it and wait for a response
    Oh and I’m sorry your leader feels the need to yell :(
    I’m glad everyone in my coop speaks politely to one another, we use please n thank you :)
    Happy farming
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 389Registered User Social Snowflake
    @Jenkey we dont have to wait to long cuz sometimes they walk away i give them 15 mins if they dont show up i buy. If they show up when im still on i sell it back. Yea we do tell ppl it up for that person asked for it but if it sitting long time i buy. Most ask b4 buying but if both parties r away they wait. She been good lately cuz she not not much so im co-leader we do say please n thx too
  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 930Registered User On Fire
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 389Registered User Social Snowflake
    @Jenkey yea me too. Co-op theft has gone down.
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