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No photo/Picture on co-op members

m0msem0mse PumpkinPosts: 5Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

Why dont we se photo of co-op members and why do pictures disappear from some of the members?


  • Knows WheatKnows Wheat Super Moderator Posts: 1,560Super Moderator Moderator

    We appreciate your report about being unable to see the Facebook profile images of your Co-Op members, @m0mse. Please try these workarounds (iOS, Android) that may help with your concern. Let us know how it went. Thanks!

  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 352Registered User The One Who Knows it All

    On my co-op i got lots w no pics i dont even know who im chatting with i dont care what u look like but be nice to see who chatting with i see dogs or faceless pics they made fun of me when i go faceless cuz fb acting out im ff but that not my problems my chat n videos dont work n cheaters n hackers finished the event in 2 days zynga should take their temp helper away for that

  • ccindy3ccindy3 Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    Is it true that you can't add a pic if you don't use FB? Trying to control stealing from people without pics. Who do you kick out if you can't see their pic?
  • firefighterfanfirefighterfan Posts: 352Registered User The One Who Knows it All
    Yea esp hard to know who steals things unless they say sorry n put it back up. Most of the ppl i chat still dont put there pic up even they have fb. Like 7 ppl with pic r not even the person either kids or animals i know 3 cuz they r my friends on fb.
  • nosmonosmo Posts: 12Registered User Pumpkin

    I have the same issue in my co-op. We used to insist on a picture but two long-term members who sign in through some gaming thing rather than facebook said they cannot find a way to include a picture. Simply asking faceless people to add a picture usually works if they plan on staying in the co-op. None of this matters if Zynga cannot ensure that folks pictures ALWAYS show though; there's no easy way to identify who is stealing in that case. Sadly it all comes back to Zynga, I guess :(

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