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A Lovely Farewell Event ended prematurely

farmcatfarmcat Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

Have been traveling internationally this past week & noticed that my iPad was set to the incorrect timezone, so I reset it and accidentally pushed the date/time stamp forward by a full month.

When I re-entered the game the 'event is over' pop up appeared. I realized my mistake, so without clicking on anything I exited the app, corrected the date/time stamp on my device to current, deleted the app and re-loaded & re-connected to FB. The 'Last Saved Game' window showed the same info in both frames, so I clicked on one and sadly the event corner is still empty. I appear to have lost all progress, event items, 3 temporary farmhands, etc.

Is there any way to reset my game to the previously saved version @ ~11:15 PST?

I was nearing the end of Phase IV with just 4 more items to make, had alien cat and 2 temp farmhands, was #1 in county fair & new to the Silver II level... All for nothing. So frustrating! I guess this is my 'lovely farewell' to your game, then. :neutral:

Suggestion: allow players to access most recent, previously saved version(s) of the game and/or game should re-adjust automatically to reflect a date/time stamp change (in my case it only adjusted forward but not back once I corrected the date/time).


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