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Missing Event items & Prizes

CheahCheah Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

I want to complain to Zynga that my all event prizes and items disappeared after the latest update of the Farmville : Country Escape game. I am very disappointed as I really worked hard before to win the prize including the most recently Daze Ablaze the name of the dog I think. I got 2nd place consecutively and won it a week ago and in this update it disappeared. I also lose my Eagle Eddie's friends ( Haddy ) I think and the white dog with a pair of wings I forgot the name, also won from 2 gold prize consecutively. However, the Border Collie that I bought from store didn't missing. I wish Zynga can help me and also many people all around the world as this is the major bugs that cause a lot of problems in this brand new update. I want my dogs back as I really really really worked hard to win them. Thanks.


  • NyleNyle Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    My grandma's glade won't show the helpers though youcan figure out it's working. After finishing the task, foraged items won't show. Before it happens, I just visited a friend's farm and when I came back to my farm her buildings are in my farm. They are some things that should not be there since I am just in level 15 and my friend's items and buildings are for higher level. Please fix it. Thanks!
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