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Christmas Stories update

MsBabeghirlMsBabeghirl Posts: 43Registered User Grasshopper
Why is it so hard to get event items for the Christmas Story after my update? Since my update, I use all farm hands and still nothing.


  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 807Registered User Forum Meister
    I agree I have to use just animals and may not get glue on last page of last book
  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Posts: 1,256Registered User Genius Genie
    edited December 2017

    Yes, drop rate is very low, but there's a lot of time to finish. I did not get any event item from the glade for over a day, and then I was getting a drop each time.

    Also, if you finish the stories, you don't find any more event items, so you may want to ask your co.op mates to hold off finishing to help out other members. Unfortunately this means that we'll be seeing less event items on global.

  • OmaNorma15OmaNorma15 Posts: 42Registered User Grasshopper

    I was doing fine until the latest update now using all animals but still not getting cranberries. I know I've plenty of time but it seems strange it just happened after the update.

  • OmaNorma15OmaNorma15 Posts: 42Registered User Grasshopper

    What do you need to find in the last phase?

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 807Registered User Forum Meister
    @OmaNorma15 - Holiday story the last page of last book is plastic and glue. Plastic is from the ship glue everywhere else!
  • OmaNorma15OmaNorma15 Posts: 42Registered User Grasshopper
  • DianaRDianaR Posts: 36Registered User Learning the Ropes

    With less than 15 days on both the season of giving and holiday stories, I am so disappointed and frustrated! I am playing both boards, but my concentration is on finishing the holiday storie, but, as each event progresses the drop rate is slow or non existent even with max farmhands! And most frustrating is that I am now getting tons of jalapeños. That I do not need and no, nada on things needed for the holiday stories! I am lucky to get one cracker per day, and with multiple needed to craft it is nearly impossible to get through the last story let alone be able to finish the season of giving. I think running multiple contests should allow us a better drop rate for all items, but instead I notice that the focus of the drops are all on season of giving, not holiday stories! Love this game, but it is frustrating that several straight days of play yields nothing in the way of success. (And I am mid level at 85, with several very hard earned farmhands), just venting! But it would be nice to be able to finish these, lately all the games have been very very hard to get thru.

  • TcapTcap Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    It has taken me 8 days on the page with basil and I'm still not done, I'll never win the elf this way.
  • daisydillydaisydilly This Space Is Available Posts: 20Registered User Muffin

    I can't get the items-namely glue- to finish the level I'm on. I DO NOT get even 1 from anywhere no matter how many workers I have in a place. Not happy. :(

  • Janet BrookesJanet Brookes Investigator Posts: 78Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    Having won Walter last week, I have worked his socks off and managed to win Yulie. They are an awesome pair, so today they are gathering glue, wool on nearly every outing. I'm using glade and prized chicken or cow. I'm posting these goodies on Global, holding off finishing the Stories quest too hoping to get even more glue and plastic to sell. My small way of thanking all those who sold Global over the last week.

  • JenkeyJenkey Forum Traveller Posts: 807Registered User Forum Meister
    @Janet Brookes I’m doing the same I could have finished the Holiday Story a week ago however reading numerous times that we’d no longer be able to help others I have held off in finishing!!
  • jenshoe17jenshoe17 Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I am so frustrated with both a Christmas events. I need dates and basil. Most days I can barely get one of each dropped. Using ALL my farm hands, get it to the green and still nothing. I refused to spend all the keys on another farm hand I will lose in ten days.

  • DianaRDianaR Posts: 36Registered User Learning the Ropes

    Ditto for me too, jenshoe and Msbabe...I worked my buns off to win Walter, I won the Turkey in the previous event and have been saving sand dollars to purchase the Mariner every 3 days, and I still get no glue, at best I get one glue per day, and this is with 10 farmhands, the event has been this way through all the stages and needing several of each item to make the quests uses up all our remaining days trying to finish, it is very frustrating! And finding glue on the global boards is non-existent, but thank you to those who have tried to provide some for those who cannot get the drops.

  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Posts: 1,382Registered User Cream Corn Champion

    I'm constantly posting glue as I get 1 almost every time, but then I do have a lot of hands. I've found you need to send 4 animal helpers to animals so I'm only using the people at the pier and mill.
    Some of my coop didn't get holiday stories until a week ago. There's no way they'll finish. One of our most frequent players was so disappointed she didn't even want to try.

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