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Thanksgiving fete event places disappeared!

kipseterkipseter Posts: 1Registered User New to the Forums

Hi Team,
My wife is a big FV2 Country Escape player, but now she is in trouble: we have flown over the date line yesterday (US->Australia) and since we have adjusted the PC's time the Thanksgiving fete event places disappeared from the game.
She got the popup window simply that the event has finished, they remove the unused event-related items from the Barn and that's all. However she was only on stage 3 and today is only 11/11. She lost the won and purchased active power pins, too.
There might be (or was) problem with the time sync, because we see a shovel which would be ready just in 12 days...
Is it possible to use an earlier backup or somehow recover the Thanksgiving event without loosing our current achievements?
Thanks in advance!


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