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M. Board and the barn

RashaRasha Posts: 9Registered User Loose Cannon
Want to thank you for your hard work
But there is few things u should know about
1..When I craft an item I want to know how many do I have in my barn !!coz I have to close and go to barn .. search for the item and go back to craft it .
2 .) M. Board .. it board from hll ..how on earth I can craft 40 lemon tart
3) barn!!! It's take forever to collect barn items.. and after all it give 10 !!!!!!!!!
4) blackberry, chives .. why they go to the barn .. why they are not with the crop?
Or even make a new barn for them . And we can put wool , clay and cheese with too !
This new barn or what u ever call it can hold those items .. and we can craft this barn or win it through event or quest or a co op work
Or buy with coins .
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