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Event items not showing up in the barn?

Avion49Avion49 Black Sheep of ze InternetPosts: 10Registered User Loose Cannon

Is this a glitch or a feature of the recent update? Ever since the most recent update, the items I am making for the current event aren't showing up in my barn. This is making it hard to get things accomplished!


  • KaidaKaida Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    edited June 2017

    I am having the same problem. I cannot see my firecrackers. I enclose pictures. Very frustrating. Update, restarted and I can see the items now....thanks.

  • IrrayaIrraya Unstained Chieftain Posts: 1,256Registered User Genius Genie

    The special even items you make don't go in your barn. However they do count towards your total. Check your event item list to confirm.

    This is intentional to prevent these items from clogging up your barn, and to prevent you from selling these items to other people to make it easy for them to finish the event. If this were the case, people would just pass on the event items to one another, with hardly anyone making things.

    The RAW event items should be in your barn. If these are not collected there, then that is a problem.

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