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How about a Co-op Barn and Silo to go with the Co-op order goal?

laurieflaurief Registered User Posts: 286 Unstained Chieftain

The members of my co-op make and sell items to try to help the under-60s fill their claimed orders, but timing is a problem. If "A" has 3 smoked trout to help with an order, but can never meet up in chat with "B", who claimed the smoked trout order, those 3 smoked trout can not easily change hands. Posting them, even under co-op lock, in "A's" storefront doesn't guarantee that they'll still be there or still be needed when "B" eventually shows up.

BUT, if the entire co-op had access to a Co-Op barn and silo, then co-op members could place items for each other or to help with unclaimed orders directly into the Co-Op barn and silo. Then members could check the Co-op barn and silo for items they needed to fill orders, and remove any that they needed when they needed.

Yes, there would be considerable opportunity for abuse of a Co-Op barn and silo, which is why it would also be necessary to provide co-op leaders with the ability to ban its access by individual members, if necessary. Newly accepted co-op members would need to be additionally granted access to the Co-Op barn and silo by a co-op leader BEFORE being able to remove anything from the Co-Op barn and silo. This would help prevent stealing of co-op resources by transient members just looking for easy pickings. I could see enforcing a 1 month "probation period" for new members of my co-op before granting them access to the Co-Op barn and silo, for instance.

I think a Co-Op barn and silo would end up being self-policing. In co-ops where leadership wasn't making sure the Co-Op barn and silo were being used appropriately, members would likely just stop putting items into the Co-Op barn and silo. But in more co-operative and actively managed co-ops, a Co-Op barn and silo could be an extremely useful tool for sharing produce and products between members.


  • GardenGirl2GardenGirl2 Registered User Posts: 10 Loose Cannon
    This is quite the idea!
    What would be super cool would be to be able to reserve the item for a specific person. Not just the entire co-op. Then there is no confusion, "stealing" or "missed" sales.
  • NoorulNoorul Registered User Posts: 108 Cloudylicious

    @laurief, I think tagging an item for a particular member, who asked for it, would simply work than a separate barn/silo. If the co-op member no more needs that item, he/she can untag it for others' use in the co-op market. This would remove need for locking of items in co-op market, only tagging will do it more easily. Since the item is tagged for a particular member, hence no one can steal it unless it is untagged by the other party....!

  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Registered User Posts: 1,372 Cream Corn Champion

    @laurief this is a brilliant idea, l just love it! @Noorul whilst I see what you are getting at, it's timing that's the problem. With only 4 slots in the market tying 2 up with coop items, tagged or otherwise can be a real nuisance. Especially with the items where you can only post one at a time.
    For example, right now I have an order out for 11 strawberry sundae and 2 stuck in coop slots waiting for someone to take it. I've made the other 9, so they are stuck in my barn taking up space. I probably won't be playing when someone does take the order. Tagging the items for someone wouldn't help because I don't know who will need them.
    If I could put all 11 in a separate coop barn, it would be brilliant.

  • NoorulNoorul Registered User Posts: 108 Cloudylicious
    edited May 2017

    @Rambling Rose you perhaps misunderstood me. The tagging will replace/substitute the current lock system on 2 slots. As presently, we lock our items for co-op members who demand it but these items will be open to all in the co-op except for the global. But the tagging by name will reserve & lock it for that particular member, who demanded it so no other person in the very same co-op could steal it unless the first party untags it for all. Let me simplify, it will be the same locking system on 2 slots only, as usual but reserved for a particular member who demanded it (not all in that co-op), so that any stealers in that co-op may not take it away, as is happening now in many co-ops. You may consider it an improved locking system on those 2 slots, not something additional. I hope you got my point now...!

  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Registered User Posts: 1,372 Cream Corn Champion
    edited May 2017

    @Noorul yes I got the point originally. My point was how do I tag for a particular coop member **if I don't know who is going to take the order?.******
    IF I put out the order when I'm the only one playing and then post things in coop slots. It might not be clear those things are for my order.
    In the scenario I described in my earlier post someone took the 2 sundaes but not my order.
    On the face of it like your suggestion for normal posting. If several people are playing and someone asks for something you could post and lock it for them, fine However that shouldn't be necessary if people are following chat. Also if more than one person posts what you ask for you'd be obliged to buy it all, even if you didn't need it. What if you didn't have room?
    I've had to ask other coop members to clear slots where I've posted what someone asked for then they didn't buy. This wouldn't be possible if I'd locked it for that person.

    Your suggestion also doesn't address the problem of not being able to post a whole order at once.

    So I do understand what you are saying, I just think it has too many flaws, especially when people play at different times.

  • NoorulNoorul Registered User Posts: 108 Cloudylicious

    Ok @Rambling Rose I agree with you on some points, then what is your model to address these shortcomings?

  • Rambling RoseRambling Rose Muffin Registered User Posts: 1,372 Cream Corn Champion
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