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Horses, Fishes and Clocks, Oh My!

Jasmine SkunkJasmine Skunk Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 10Registered User Pumpkin
edited July 2016 in Ideas & Feature Requests

Ok, I have a few ideas... :smiley:
1. Some ingredients need more uses. Mint is supposed to be rare, but since there aren't many uses for it, it floods the world market and crowds the barn. I've been wanting to get a horse, but don't because I don't want the mint. Other ingredients could use a few more uses, too.
2. Aquarium! It might be fun to breed fish. Idea: Something where if you add 2 fish of same type, Farmhands could tend by cleaning glass and feeding, etc, and after a certain time, lets say, 2 hours, they produce more of same fish!
3. We really need an in-game clock. Everything in the game is time related. Waiting 7 hours for this, One minute forty six seconds for that. An in-game clock would help keep track without having to check all the time. It would also let you know how long you've been playing. Much needed! :)



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